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  1. Does anyone have any insight into how whoever did this spot created the elegant particle transitions between footage? Looking to pull of something similar but not certain on how to pull this off. This was originally done by Imaginary Forces after more investigation. Thanks.
  2. What is the best settings for exporting a product model (ie. Headphones) from Solidworks to OBJ so i can work with it in C4D? Here is a screen shot of the export settings but i have no idea as to what the settings should be. Any help would be superhelpful.
  3. I curious if anyone knows how to create the attached effect in these screen shots. As if light was passing over an object similar to the Infiniti car commercials.
  4. NM found another article. Anonymous Content
  5. Agency i work with was curious who did it. Possibly wanting to talk to him about directing a spot.
  6. Trying to track down the director more than anything. but the director could also be part of the post facility.
  7. I had it up on 11.5 and havent tried it on 12 yet since i installed it. @FAILURE you only need to alter the HTML on the server.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NssFM_jkuE would love to know who did this spot?
  9. Just really seems like your asking a lot from a weak machine and an old version of Ae. Try the background render from Aescripts.com Sometimes rendering in that through terminal can bypass the frame buffer failures your experiencing. fingers crossed.
  10. made my day while waiting for renders to finish. Great work!
  11. Anyone know who did the 2010 MTV VMA titles? It was on last night and they were simple...but really well done.
  12. Im not participating in this contest but saw it as a opportunity to whack together some design frames. The green screen footy is the worst i have even seen!
  13. Thanks. I guess all i can do is call them and yell at people.
  14. Ok, so i noticed that spots airing locally via comcast spotlight and other local cable affiliates look GOD AWFUL. So bad in fact that text and graphics aren't even readable. Everything looks pixelated as hell. What do they do compress them at 10:1 to save space or something. It makes me ill looking at something that was originally HD looking like DV or worse. Anyway around this or should media planners and buyers just avoid these services if possible? Local affiliate (ABC, FOX, NBC etc.) broadcasts of the same spot look a lot better. Most of them accept HD and even the SD versions are at least readable and don't look to horrible. All my spots are sent to stations via DGfastchannel. Thoughts?
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