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  1. How do you say "No, please don't eat my flesh" diplomatically to a shark? I get along great with my co-workers. How about you?
  2. How about you and producer agree on a package and a rate. But while you work, producer slips in a ton of extras, adds on extra days and begs you not to up the rate, promising a glitzy well-funded project is coming up and if you'll help him out and not charge any more, he will land you this awesome gig. You've heard that crap before, but fall for it anyway, because he sounds so sincere. After letting him shake you down, you never hear from him again. A few years later, you land a job at a company, see that producer, he gets scared you will badmouth him, knifes you in the back and you are out. Because you did him a huge favor. Producers in NY are pyranhas.
  3. Most producers simply don't understand the stress involved. Sometimes 2 or 3 designers have to walk before they get the message and make the job fit for a human being. Letting yourself fry for even a day will make you feel lousy for days after. You have to protect yourself as you would any fine tool. I was serious that constant stress will shorten your life. I worked at one job for 8 weeks, and it was so rough that I started developing ailments including pre cancerous skin growths. It's the only job I ever had that I quit on the spot without giving 2 weeks notice.
  4. That can take years, if ever. Start looking at trendy magazines like PRINT, and work at websites. A design course might help.
  5. If you've been there a while, you need to RELAX, and slow the hell down. They will eat you alive. Do not let them. TAKE COFFEE BREAKS. TAKE YOUR HOUR LUNCH. WORK 8 HOUR DAYS. This is a CAREER. You will not live long if your stomach is cramped up because some a*hole producer wants to score points by getting you to work faster than you should.
  6. What do you guys say when they ask "how long will it take" the second you get the project. I think beginner producers think this is what you're supposed to ask and they sound so very clueless. I ask back "when do you need it?"
  7. Will do. Monday morning, first thing. I've been having nightmares about bankruptcy.
  8. Thanks, I wish I could, but it's too much for small claims.
  9. I'd "RATHER" not. Then again, if it saves someone else from getting burned by this outfit . . . Sorry to hear that all you guys are going through this same crap. Right after posting, I got a bounced check from another client. Argh!
  10. Psyop is the only company to stay right at the edge for a prolonged period of time. They define what I love about the arts in NY. There is a pattern in companies. They start out with cutting edge, and in a few years they're doing the chrome Football logos and 3d stadiums, then they disappear into oblivion.
  11. I spent three months working like a dog for a company owned by this big famous guy. If I told you his name you wouldn't believe he ripped me off. They liked the work, we had a good relationship, then as it was almost completed, they stopped answering emails. I sent them a bill a few weeks later, hoping they'd finish the job. They said they wouldn't pay until the project was complete, but they were too busy to work on it now. They said to get back to them in a few weeks. I won't go into any more detail, but they've been jacking me around for a year now. I finally sent the famous dude a FEDEX and got no response. I guess it's lawyer time, but I was also thinking about contacting the news, and maybe some bad publicity would shame him into paying up, but I'm scared they'll sue. Advice appreciated.
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