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  1. Thanks for the suggestions I am waiting for a few commercials i've worked on to do a reel refresh. I'll change the music then. If anyone has any other suggestions, keep them coming. Thanks
  2. My new reel is up online. Check it out, along with a redesigned website, at: http://www.carloscidrais.com/ Thank you
  3. Hey guys, I've heeded your advice and removed some shots, as well as generally trimming the fat. I've also included a few shots from an animation short + tv series pilot i've worked on. It´s still not a mograph reel, just an animation/vfx reel, but I thought you might find this interesting nonetheless. Feel free to comment on the new edit. Best.
  4. Ok guys thank you very much for taking the time to look at my reel and leave your critiques. I'd say your critiques are fair enough, as I've really had a lot of vfx work and not so much motion graphics. I'll try, as my work schedule allows, to add more self initiated motion projects. and include the cuts mentioned by aromakat. Those were some really fair level headed suggestions, thank you. I've posted this over at vfxtalk.com ( actually a longer version with more work ) but basically got zero response, so I think i'll stick around this forum. Any way thanks again, and feel free to leave more comments. Cheers. PS: actually there's a very specific question I'd like to ask. In future versions of the reel I'd like to add more motion projects, but keep the best shots i have now. What would you feel about a mixed vfx/mograph reel? Would you think thats confusing and self defeating or am I going the wrong path. As a freelancer i can't really afford to alienate my previous jobs, and would still like to get vfx work as well as more animation/motion graphics. Cheers
  5. Hi guys, First post on forum...my name is Carlos Cidrais, I am a freelancer in London, doing mainly 3D work for post production and animation, looking to break into the motion graphics/3D animation and commercials side of things. I have my reel up at: http://www.carloscidrais.com Please take a look and let me know what you think. Thank you, Carlos Cidrais
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