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  1. thank you both for your replies........ and Anothername, that was a relly good review, thanks!!! cheers!
  2. I´d like to submit our last work. We´ve created this opening titles for a brasilian´s design festival called Pixel Show. The theme for this year was: The Creative DNA. credit: Client: Zupi Design. Design and animation by Nitroglicerina Sound design by Combustion here´s the link: http://www.nitroglicerina.tv/PS09_compress.mov hope you like. cheers!
  3. ariel costa

    Zupi TV

    Hi everyone.....I´d like to share whith you, our last work for Zupi TV. here goes the link: http://www.vimeo.com/4533250 hope you enjoy! there are some cool stuff in our web site.... www.nitroglicerina.tv cheers"
  4. Hi people! I´d like to post our updates.....we rebrand the site and we´ve got a new reel... www.nitroglicerina.tv Hope you all like!!! Cheers!!!
  5. Hi people from mograph, My name is Ariel Costa, and i´m Creative Director of Nitro Creative Design, a small motion graphics studio from Brazil. I´m here to share our last job with you guys..... It´s a Music Video from a Brazilian Singer called Vanessa Muller, the name´s song is "Alguém para Amar" (Somebody to Love). http://www.vimeo.com/2574079 I hope you all like..... Cheers!!!!! Ariel Costa
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