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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, anothername! I am definitely catching and will just see how it goes. But again, I am just curious about what your part time job is, other than graphic, haha. Just for fun. Thanks again for sharing!
  2. Thanks for sharing, eliss! Though having a nine-to-five sounds good to me! Cheers! Sorry for my lounge chat question. I was just curious what others' part time job are, which is out of mograph or any related field. I have a friend part-time worked in a bar, and I used to part-time worked in a freight company. Learning from others experience would be interesting, I thought. Well, just curious what you do and how you juggle between part-time and freelance jobs, schedule wise...etc.. Again, not really a specific question....
  3. I had my career finally started a couple year ago and then all the closing or downsizing, I went freelancing. I don't ask a lot and am versatile but until now, I still often get put on hold and then released and never even get to work part time anywhere. Graphic designer now require expereience in HTML, CSS or UI/UX....etc., assistant or interns require certain skills or have to be a recent graduate or enrolled student so no where left for me that's stable to go really, and my saving is using up. I did have a part time job sometime between my career but because of that I let some projects slipped away. Now, I am getting back myself to the part time job pool and wonder if that happen to you. And funny thing is that I have to even "cover up" my career path to avoid being considered as a job hopper.... So just curious if any of you guys working part time somewhere else for paying rents and dues, and what do you do or did? lan
  4. Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions for this tricky thing. Eventually one of the producer didn't get the job and released me the next day so I am back in the waiting game with this one left. Hope eventually I will get this one work out. Thanks again, all! Lan
  5. Recently, I have been put on first hold and second hold from different places but then what do I do if I get an offer that's starting immediately or say it's a better offer among the two? Is there a legal thing that I should be aware of? After all, should I really "care?" I mean no matter how many holds I get, they could all fall through, right? And I should keep looking for opportunity, right? Anyone experiences this holding system? How do you handle this?
  6. Saw on a job post saying one of the requirement is to have IATSE union affiliation. I did some research and I understand that I need to be an member of the union to apply for the job, but...can a normal person join the union? Or it might be a job that I will have to become a member once I am hired? Anybody is a member or know anything about it? Lan
  7. Hello All, I am a bit lost at the moment so would like to ask a question regarding workflow on creating styleframe. I have been working at a small place where requiring me to finish projects without any proper storyboarding process (of course, with some discussion back and forth with direct supervisor). Unfortunately, I was responsible for a lot more than being a motion graphic artist, everything is just so rush there so eventually my works end up close to worthless in the job market. I am always amazed by designers with styleframes on the websites and I really can't imagine me stepping into a studio and crate such amazing boards all by myself..... My question is, how do you create all the elements especially 3D objects (shoes, cars...etc.) modeled, textured in such a short time? Do studio provide images of celebrity or sports images for you to work with? Say if I am ever hired as a designer, what should I expect when working in a studio environment? Thanks, Lan
  8. lanhan

    Hold System

    Just experiencing this hold system...... And wondering how would you deal with this if there is other opportunities await? I was put on hold for this month by a design house but until last week I haven't received any reply for the job. I called them and eventually was told that the job fell through.... And this morning, another studio that I haven't had interview with just called me up and asked me if they can put me on hold for next month. I said yes but my question is.....without a signed agreement or contract do I need to consider it as an affirmed job? And because I am having some interviews for other places next week so I am having no idea what to say if I got asked about availability..... Do I not mention about it and keep applying?
  9. Thanks, raven52321 and AromaKat! Really great experience and information you guys are sharing. I have an outrageous student loan myself, too, so I had to give up all that runner jobs too. All art related jobs are just cool! And I really wish that I could at least work as a janitor around great artists. Anyway, at the moment, I am using the time to learn more stuff and going to package myself better for my next attempt. Networking.... It just has always been my weakest point, which I don't know what to do about it, haha. And gee, what's wrong with a penthouse logo. I like them.... :blush: Oh ya, I heard editors got into similar problems too. Really what's wrong? And thanks Sao for chipping back in for my "real question, " hehe. I just happened to be hired as a graphic designer for a small firm today. Not mograph but at least I can "touch" both design and 3D. Hope it's a good start. So...... I am having 3 jobs now.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, silatix. I am working on some more projects and hope to put together a new reel soon. Cleaning bongs, eh? ....it would be much enjoyable if it's a job. Too bad, I have no time and money for even enjoy that now.
  11. Thanks to you all! Hehe, I didn't expect to get that much invaluable information out of this lounging post. Since I know how good/bad I am on mograph so I was not victimizing myself and started this thread for complaining or whining. I was just curious about what you guys do besides mograph for living. Though if this discussion can ever be helpful to anybody, that would be cool, too! Although I am fortunate to be in one of the most "target rich" cities, I am not the only one who is after mograph anyways so I am fine with it. Plus the econ is down and it does affect the market I guess. I remember last time, an interviewer told me that they tend to hire less and less people nowadays.... Is this what you see in studios, too? As far as I can tell myself, I got at least got 80% checked on the "check list." The 20% I can't meet is to share donuts with people.... I love donuts, GLAZED, darn it! I basically applying for anything I know I can do including non-pay office assistant. During interviews, I basically don't even talk about money because I see works and a chance to work with great artists more valuable than anything. I know people do like works I do (if not just being nice, hehe) and have me bookmarked. So I just tell myself that it is just not my time yet. Again, thanks for sharing all your experience and information. But seriously, any interesting second job? :blush:
  12. Not sure if it is just me or if some of you are having hard time getting work too? I am in LA area and had a couple freelance jobs for a while and then, like all in a sudden, I have been looking for both freelance and staff position almost for more than 6 months now and still got nothing. So no right, isn't it? Well, I still sometimes get called up and have interviews here and there but eventually no one called back.... Anyways, since I need to help support my family so I am also working at a local store as a cashier and wonder if you have a second job that helps supporting you financially. Mine is not that an interesting job though..
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