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  1. very very interesting! THX
  2. hmmm anything huge happened here i guess… deforming a lowploy-mesh in a hypernurbs with a delayeffector below (for the wobble) comes close… but i guess the tricky part is to get the different stages from one object with the same amount of points/polys.
  3. hey, just saw this nice vid and asked myself how to get there with C4D… maybe a kind of softbody – morphtarget-thing??? anyone? best!
  4. ultrus

    Here for the potluck

    Hey wow, a really strong and nice reel! The designtask – 2D as well as 3D and Integration – all seems nice..... but....... what is really dope about your works to me, is the sense of motion and your animation skills. Great
  5. OK, to finish the thread.... I got quiet close now. It was a mix from transparency, reflection, diffusion, environment and of course.... the bump. I just draw many many and many splines in Illustrator with the pentool like crazy randomness and made a bump from it. Works just fine.
  6. Ah sorry – my fault....It's all about icehockey! I created a plane with the icehockeyrink-texture at the bootom. On top another plane with the icetexture.... So I thouht the icetextures look is a mix of tansparency, reflection, diffusion and of course the bump (with these scratches of the skates....).... but I'm not really close to the look – it's a bit tricky to get it right and nice. A transparent gloss-ice with scratches in a dark environment is the goal. I just give it another trial now. THX
  7. Hey! I'm on a C4D-Project and just looking for textures or a solution to shade good looking ice. The more realistic – the better. I guess the most important thing would be the bump. But getting these special scratches fast is quiet tuff. Maybe anybody has a good solution? THX JC
  8. No, the instances are no clones....
  9. Heyho! I traced a TP+Mograph-setup and converted it to a spline. In the spline are many segments. On this multispline I got the splinewrap on. So i got the object wrapped on each segment of my spline. Principially instances. Now I'm wondering how to colorize them differently... Is there an elegent way to do this? cheers
  10. I'm just searching for a possibility faking the C4D-splinewrap in AfterEffects. A Pic should be wrapped and animated along a spline.... Is there a Plugin out there simulating that? Cheers
  11. Hey chris, awesome - I'm always that coffeescared but I'll give it a try... sure But of course your already part of the project, because your cs-tools are in use here Thx for sharing - really great stuff. Cheers jc
  12. heyho, a nice little project I'm working on for now, but a few technical questionmarks, too. may you guys can help me out. Is there an expresso, or moreliked a simpler way, to link objects visibility to a camera. An object that is only seen by camera1.... and no other cameras....? And I have a cobination of real 3D and 2D+Alfa. Is there a possibility to use the C4D-DOF in Combination with a mapped Pic and its alphachannel. (in my case it always just use the geometry) cheers, jc
  13. seems the lighttools from tim clapham on hellolux.com are very close....
  14. Maybe you try to bake it via "bake object" and get the uvmap exported as well....
  15. Hey guys, is ist possible to render out my frames from negative 200 to positive 200 ? (-200 > 200) have a problem with a stacked motionclip and have to rebuild the scene if that doesn't work. Really weird. Help would be appreaciated. Thx
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