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  1. and I thought Glu3D was cool. Rayfire's the best 3DSM toy ever. Finally I can throw away my dominos
  2. Selected works of '06-'09 mashed into a short montage -- alas my graduating reel. There's still a few glaring kinks that I have to fix that I'll surely be called out on but please have a gander. Be gentle. Okay fine brutal honesty http://www.stephensiegel.net/aos@h264.mov
  3. I was checking out the gkaster reel today and I was wondering how this sort of volumetric lighting is achieved with the hot spots and "atmospheric glow" he has going on. Judging from the frame by frame, the tweening of how the lights eluminate, and the camera movement it's being done natively in the 3D app instead of being finessed in AE with 3rd party 2D lens flares like knoll light factory. I've seen it in several reels and it seems to be somewhat of a trend among the best 3D artists. I work in 3DSM but if someone knows how its done even in C4D do share.
  4. I'm a graduating student, Long time reader, second time poster. A fight promoter picked up my business card somewhere and decided he'd be better off hiring a "paid or unpaid intern" to create endpages for upcoming boxing events to appear on a series of networks as 30 second commercial spots than continuing to commission overpriced post-production houses. The work doesn't allow for much creative freedom and it isn't really consistant with my current skill level but its work none-the-less so I figured I'd take it. I'd be working at home by myself doing simple and redundant tasks and rendering the results so I don't know why thats considered an internship -- but I'm definitely not planning on doing it free. Problem is I have no idea what to or how to charge. The work is freelance, so if I ask for an hourly rate I suppose I'm on the honor system. If I ask for to be paid by the project then I have to worry about giving estimates repeatedly for each unique one. I haven't done this type of work before so I'm not sure what's charged typically or where to research it. Should I draw up some kind of formal contract? I'm an artist not a businessman. Here's an example of something I created for him: Any advice whatsoever is greatly appreciated.
  5. I checked this book out at the library a month or two after it was released. The whole thing is that it demonstrates how each filter can be used in common modern vfx/mograph practice. The author combines a lot of filters to make interesting effects and basically teaches concepts as hes walking you through his workflow. Some effects are cheesier than others but its definitely worth flipping through. Its kind of amusing seeing what he finds to be trendy these days.
  6. I love it... this is the type of work I find very inspirational. Thanks for the post. I'd agree with the above guy -- very dstrukt-esque. It also reminds me of the really old Onesize Stuff. You must've been the freelancer who put together that navjacket spot for them... fantastic work. Also nice editing
  7. Very nifty stuff. On 004, how'd you get "Daniel" to stick to the splines during the Reactor simulation?
  8. Does anybody know where I can find some high end broadcast news reels featuring entire news packages? Some still images of the type of work I'm looking for can be found on giant octopus. There are very few examples on xplsv.tv and motionographer. Thanks a lot in advance
  9. I'm a 3DSM guy -- the way this could easily be accomplished is to create a text spline, add an extrude modifier, then create a line and add a path deform WSM modifier. From there you can animate "twist" and "stretch" which should give u almost exactly the effect seen here in the reel you posted.
  10. EvetS


    Great news for us newbies -- more video tutorial walk throughs of producing great effects. This website reminds me of a certain someone's. In fact the commentary at the beginning of the first tutorial actually made me laugh out loud. There are already some fantastic effects posted for aftereffects, trapcode, and 3d studio max. Sorry if this has been posted before, but I thought I'd share. Enjoy.
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