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  1. Looks good. I think they both could resolve a tad bit faster.
  2. Jamie P.

    Some works

    Very solid work, animation is smooth and the pacing feels good. Nice work.
  3. Agreed with highfive. Add some DOF w/ lens blur... Or I would say decide to make everything feel even more flat by evening out the greys or add more depth by playing with the light (create a foreground, background, subject).
  4. Jamie P.


    Really strong reel. Opening and ending cards are hot and a lot of great animation and camera moves.
  5. I would speed up everything. Ions are fast but they feel very methodical in this version. Would like the nucleus when it comes on to shine brighter before it dies back down to the same size as the others glowing objects. I think more glow overall would add some depth and sense atmosphere. Maybe a little flicker/wiggle to the brightness to each independent ion.
  6. Jamie P.

    First reel

    Excellent first reel. The pacing feels a tad slow and I don't actually get a good feel for what you do. You have some great looking cinematography and lots of cool 3d stuff. So what is it that you do? Are you a 3d animator, color grader, cinematographer? My personal opinion is that you shouldn't be left with a question of what you specialize in or do by the end of your reel.
  7. That's pretty slick. Look forward to the breakdowns.
  8. Technically looks like you have a very solid base. I would try to build out a bit more variety; even in the 35 seconds runtime I started to say I have seen this already in the reel. Just about every clip could be cut down in my opinion. Keep up the good work. What year you in at Ai?
  9. http://jorgelega.com/tutorials_spline.html This video should help.
  10. PROGRAMS TO LEARN:AE+some 3D package+Photoshop+Illustrator I would say that tools can be taught to anyone, and nowadays just about anybody can learn the ins and outs with all the free training and tutorials out there. I would immerse myself in what is out there, follow a bunch showcase websites. Look at what you think is successful and think critically of why. Go to the library/bookstore get some graphic design books (type, composition, color theory, art history, etc.). Try to meet as many new people as possible and don't be a douche.
  11. Also you may try to reset the user user settings. Hold down CMD+Shift on startup and you should receive a dialog box asking if you want to reset user settings.
  12. Hahaha... even when you give away most of your stuff people still want more. (BTW, I haven't stolen it.)
  13. Not really aware of any Motion Design Masters but I believe that Art Institute Pittsburgh does an online masters in graphic design. Not sure though, girlfriend did some online classes toward a BA through them and said it was fine despite my own skepticism about the whole AI empire. Might be worth it to check out their site.
  14. Ah poo. You think I can get my deposit back on the letter bronzing I just ordered?
  15. Unfortunately no. If there was you would see a splashes in just about every motion reel ever made. There is a plugin called tsunami or something (it has a weird spelling) to create waves with a z-depth but I am pretty sure it doesn't render splashes. Best bet would be to find a simple 3D tutorial for beginners to try to work your way through if you don't know any 3D packages. ...or get to drawing. Good luck.
  16. Turn on color in the render settings?
  17. I've tried to "hackintosh" a couple of computers. In my experience it worked great for a friend's netbook but was a bit too hit or miss on support/stability on my home computer for me to rely on it do any work. Windows 7 beta so far has been really great. I would suggest getting as much power and ability to upgrade in the future if you are interested in any 3D work. If you want to upgrade down the line without buying a whole new system, I would suggest going another direction than the MacMini or iMac.
  18. Sounds more like a video card/driver issue than a problem with CS4.
  19. I haven't noticed any problems on the two machines I work with. I turn off some things like the animated zoom but I for some reason really like to use the hand tool with throwing. I do a fair amount of work with digital painting and haven't noticed a difference in performance with OpenGL on or off using the brushes even when working with large comps. At home I am not using a very high end computer either 1.8 dual core, 2 gig ram, 9600gt.
  20. http://aeportal.blogspot.com/2009/05/pixel...ransitions.html You might check out this article/video on AE Portal News. Has a video tutorial from Nick Campbell aka the Gorilla.
  21. Jamie P.

    Zupi TV

    What is Zupi TV?
  22. I would find out what my budget is and then get the best thing available. I have a 9600 (gt or gs... I think gt) at home and it recognizes OpenGL fine for me. It was relatively cheap at 85 dollars last fall and can be set up for SLI if you are interested.
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