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  1. Hi thank you guys...I downloaded that rainmaker 2 xpresso file also, I will take a look at all the possibilities...thank you!
  2. Hi Guys, I wanna make a company animation and the flow would be like this; A dried out landscape, dead trees, harsh sun and the wind, suddenly sky gets gloomy and rain drops start to fall, soil gets wet....after few days a small seed begins to germinate, seed leaves appear and over the time develop into a big tree and the whole area gets covered in green vegetaion, and among these leaves the company logo appears. Problem is, how do you create rain droplets in c4d? I thought of this, u get the emiter object, place it up the scene, tilt it a bit, add some bubble-like objects into it with a glass material....however since the scene is pretty huge, once I scale up the emitter object to cover the whole area and add objects into it, you cannot render the scene as low memory msg pops up. I tried to fake the same by adding a light object scaled up like a rain droplet and colored like water, the same problem comes into play.. By kelumpj What should I do???? Thanks in advance..
  3. C4D Rockz man, you can do anything with, a simple and fun workflow that lets you meet deadlines. I have used all 3 but now am hooked up with C4D. Its render engine is a miracle.
  4. Hi guys, I havent come across mograph tutorials very much. I wanna master it and I want you guys to help me. Currently I'm using just a few tools such as cloner object. I downloaded some of the tutorials from here. Wish if someone can make tutorials that cover all the tools in mograph. I'm using C4D R11. Thanks
  5. what's after effects? (just kidding - am using CS3), WHAT NEW FEATURES DO U HAVE IN CS4?
  6. Hello, I am new here, I hope I will meet nice people. he he..
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