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  1. Try Mocha, they have the roto planar tracking technology going on, which will save you lots of time. Also get the mocha shape plugin for Ae. http://www.imagineersystems.com/products/
  2. Hey guys, anybody knows where to get good affordable green screen kits?
  3. why does everyone has to adapt to the NEW "psd capability for 3d" why doesnt Adobe stick to the already standard 3d file types (.obj, FBX, DXF, 3ds, etc). AE should be able to accept any of these, or one of these. Converting 3d files in Photoshop to then use in AE is not a good work flow.
  4. the offset of the camera is not animated :/ can't figure this one out even the nulls show in the wrong orientation in AE.
  5. Everything seems to be fine. The axis of the objects are in place with the External Compositing tag. Distance from the camera seems to translate fine to After effects. But for some reason the nulls seem to not translate fine....the movement is off. Anybody has any tips on this? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Please help thank you
  6. Ever since I upgraded to C4D 11 I noticed when I export the Camera info to AE I get lots of sliding, sort of not accurate. I have the current plugin from Maxon. Anybody else having this problem?
  7. lam442

    god DAMN!

    hahahaahah this is insane!
  8. It really depend what industry are you planning to get into. If you want to create motion graphics I highly recommend C4D. Just the fact that C4D has the Mograph module is a HUGE plus...if you wanted to do something similar in Maya you'd have to learn some MELscript. If you wanna get into rigging character and animating them the Maya is the one. 3dmax is very strong when it comes to particles, with the fumefx, afterburn modules. Like Sao_Bento was saying download their demos and feel them around see which one you feel is the right for you.
  9. lam442

    Art Schools

    Ai Insitutes offer online degrees. I'm not sure about their quality. I actually graduated from their University in Miami. Great school but super expensive! http://www.aionline.edu/online-education/
  10. cmiVFX DVDs are very kool. I highly recommend Cineversity ($300 first year) over 1k tutorials on all aspects of the program. Down side is that you have to renew every year ($99). I personally think is worth it. http://www.cmivfx.com/Maxon/default.aspx http://www.cineversity.com/
  11. It should get better. I Read that banks around the world are putting billions of dollars into world economy to motivate investors. It should make a difference. Here's the link: http://money.cnn.com/2008/09/18/news/econo...banks/index.htm
  12. lam442


    mmm...I was checking it out and it's sort of like myspace but for artists only...seems interesting b.c not only you share your work you can socialize with other designers in the industry; eventually leading to work/freelance. I'll let you know of my experience.
  13. lam442


    Have you guys seen this site? www.behance.net Is it worth creating a profile? will I really be gaining exposure? What do you guys think?
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