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  1. I'm sure this happens to most of you, everyone with a website idea, iphone app, ipad app, web development idea comes to you, assuming you can do it all. I wish I could... I've got some friends that have a great idea for an iPad app, and I'd like to know where to redirect them. After getting it patented, do you shop it around to some of the larger development shops? Try and contact individuals? Just curious, I'd love to have an answer for them.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, the audio levels were definitely off! Thanks for the heads up
  3. Updated my site and reel for 2011. I'd love some feedback on the site layout and reel. Thanks everyone! My Site Travis
  4. Hey everyone. I've updated my reel and portfolio for 2010. I'd love some feedback. Thanks! travisblain.com
  5. Also, we would be using a Sony HDCam F23
  6. I've been asked to do some research on this. We will need to turn the project around quickly, so the biggest advantage with this is that we could record straight to a hard drive. Are there better options? Is it worth it? Thanks for any help.
  7. Hey guys, I've updated my online portfolio and would love some feedback. Let me know what you think of the site/reel/selected work/anything else that deserves it! Thanks everyone travisblain.com
  8. T.Blain

    New Short Film

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Iline, were you referring to the film scratches and other effects used to make it look like old film? Because if you thought there was any datamoshing, that is just my poor compression. Although scratches and datamoshing are really similar when you get down to it. Ive been using Quicktime's basic H264 export for web, and it really crunches up a file.
  9. T.Blain

    New Short Film

    Thanks for the feedback. Everything was done in AE, I used the puppet tool for the heartbeat. I've gone back and forth with the intensity of the scratches. I like the effect, but yea, it can easily be overdone. I may need to revisit them, which is the great and terrible part of a personal project I guess, it's never final...
  10. T.Blain

    New Short Film

    Oops, sorry for the multiple posts. Hopefully they will be deleted.
  11. T.Blain

    New Short Film

    Hey everyone. I just finished a short film that I've been working on. Check it out, I'd love to hear some feedback. Mosquita
  12. It looks like you could do it with Cylinder
  13. 7 Airbags AND Fartpilot?!? Impressive
  14. T.Blain


    Maybe they just like Obama
  15. How about using Stroke under Layer Styles. Another trick I used to use is putting a few drop shadows on the layer at different angles. That would put a decent stroke around an alpha channel
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