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  1. clyve

    Viktor Lukács Reel

    Thanks mcs! I'm glad you like it I hope we can put the BLACK stuffs in our reels soon
  2. clyve

    Viktor Lukács Reel

    Any feedback would be great!
  3. clyve

    Viktor Lukács Reel

    Updated reel in the first post, hope you like it! Let me know what you think! ps. Im looking for freelance-remote work I'm using 3DSMax, AE, PS.
  4. clyve

    Viktor Lukács Reel

    Hi Dan! Thanks! I'm working in the "4:3 area", the original source was 720x576. Don't know why youtube made the stripes, trying to fix the problem, I allready have a new site under construction, but wanted to share the stuff. Regards, Viktor
  5. Hi guys! My new demoreel is finally online: I would like to read any critique on this stuff. Thanks for watching! Viktor
  6. Hi! If you want high quality colour reproduction and wide viewing angle the only important thing is to look for LCD-s with s-ips or s-pva panels. DELL ULTRASHARP 2709W NEC MULTISYNC 2690WUXi I know these are not 30", but monitors equipped with this panel types are more expensive. These monitors are very good after calibration, even they are great for graphic work. Sorry for the bad english, cheers CLYve
  7. Hi! Once I've made an animation of the rubic cube, I solved the problem in this way : I modelled the inner cubes (the black "base cubes"), and then modelled a face (the coloured plate) that was aligned and linked to the sides of the "base cube", so I was able to map both sides of the corner cubes, because only the colored plates had mapping. For the multiple mapping: try to adjust the scale of the uw mapping gizmo. In max if you select all the plates that you want textures on and put an UV mapping modifier on, you can scale the mapping gizmo to fit all the plates, then you have all the plates with one texture. Don't know how much this will help for you, i'm a max user. Viktor
  8. clyve

    Website & Reel 2008

    Fantastic work! Unique style, brilliant colours and top animation! The best mograph work I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing it!
  9. Tried to fix that, now there is a mov version available to.
  10. Hi! First post, first mograph reel. http://polygonart.uw.hu/ViktorLukacs_ReeL.wmv And if you doesn't like MS: http://polygonart.uw.hu/ViktorLukacs_ReeL.mov I really like to read your opinions. Hope you like it! ...and thanks for watching! Viktor ps. sorry 4 bad english!
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