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    Matt Tinley is a freelance video editor and motion graphics designer living in Orlando, FL. He likes indie music and kittens.
  1. Hey Folks, So- I'm using a mospline and spline wrap to have a thin cube object fold and bend like a turning book page. Basically like in this vid: So far so good. The problem comes when I want to texture the page. Using both UVW and cubic texturing produces some weird results --- half the texture is displayed properly, and the other half is flipped or out of place. It does this in bands. Anyone know how to get around this? I've tried using the stick texture tag to no avail, so my next thought was maybe to bake the setup to PLA. The problem with that is I'm not sure how to get an object to PLA when it's using a combination of mospline and spline wrap. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks! C4D 11.5
  2. Bingo, wysee! That did the trick. Much thanks. I had tried Mylenium's suggestion earlier, but the start/end angle animation wasn't kept once I turned the slices into editable objects. Thanks for the input, everyone.
  3. Hi Folks, Here's the setup: I'm making a paper looking globe by putting a slice of sphere in a radial cloner object, and then fanning it out so that it creates a globe. This all works beautifully until I try to combine the fix texture option with animating the start and end angle of the radial cloner object. What I'm trying to do is attach a map texture to the cloner object, so that when it's fanned out completely, the individual segments of the cloner have the image of the map spread across them. I'm using spherical mapping, and that works well, and looks how I want it to (img. 1). The problem comes when my globe fans from shut position to full globe position. Once it animates in C4d, it maps the globe texture to each individual segment, not as a globe overall (img. 2). For some reason, the texture does stick and work properly if the globe is animating from full globe to shut position. The problem with that is I need it to go from shut to open. I'm banging my head against the wall here. Any suggestions? C4D R11.5 Project File: http://www.mtinley.com/previews/tinley/Paper_Sphere.c4d
  4. Thanks for the feedback, este.eri. What was it about the 'car dealer' shot you didn't like in particular? I stayed pretty busy last year, but that was a mix of editing and motion graphics. Did some stuff indirectly for Disney, but they're Nazis about letting you put their projects on your reels. I guess they don't want people to know that they outsource some stuff, instead of making it all in Mickey's magic cauldron .
  5. Hi Folks, I'm a motion graphic designer out of Orlando, FL. Just wanted to show off my newest reel: https://vimeo.com/57406592 I know a lot of this stuff pales in comparison to the huge amount of amazing work that gets shown of here (why did I have to post this after Aaron Scott's reel?), but it's an accurate view of where I'm at now as an artist. I'm looking to get better, so as always, your feedback is greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  6. Thanks, Mylenium! I'm looking into it today.
  7. Grrrr.... just upgraded to CS5 literally last week...
  8. I live in the Orlando area and am working as a freelancer. I've been working in After Effects for awhile, and am just starting to get into Cinema. Love your stuff, by the way. Keep up the good work! Do you know of any Motion Graphics meetups in the Central Florida area? vimeo.com/tinley www.mtinley.com
  9. Hey Folks, This is a video a friend of mine and I have been working on for a bit now, and it's finally finished. It's a music video about a multitude of 1950 b-movie apocalypses. I've been an After Effects dabbler for a while, but this project really let me jump in head first and cut my teeth on figuring out the program. Hope you like it! Any kind of feedback would be appreciated. Thanks! Luna Halo - World on Fire
  10. This might help: http://www.ayatoweb.com/ae_tips_e/ae04_e.html# Just reverse it to get the effect you want.
  11. DRNZ - I think you're absolutely right. A quick search on the Rutt-Etra Video Synth turned up this article: Classic Analog: Futuristic 1972 Rutt-Etra Video Synth and a 2004 Music Video So I guess that pretty much puts my question to rest. Thanks! I've been dying to know since I saw the video. Oh, and b_foote1, it does look a lot like a Trapcode Form effect, I agree.
  12. I really like the first bit of this TV on the Radio music vid: Staring at the Sun Does anyone know how the 3d scope look at the beginning is achieved? The video pretty much dissolves into seperate 3-D lines, and it looks pretty great. Thanks! Oh- P.S. -- If you are a music video junkie like I am, you may really love this site. I've found it's a good place for inspiration: ClipTip
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