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  1. Thanks, oeuf! You're right about the letters - they are from a self-motivated (yet abandoned) project just for practice. Then, yes, they can be called 'filler'! But all the rest are from commercial projects. Just for the sake of curiosity, the red triangle is the flag of my state (Minas Gerais, Brazil) - the animation comes from a piece for the state gov't. Watching again, I agree: there are parts that are too fast. I was so afraid of doing a boring reel that I guess I went too far! Thanks a lot for your feedback!
  2. Hey guys! 229 views and not a single comment? Come on! Help us! If you can spare some time, please point what we could be doing better. Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi there! I've been around mograph a long time by now (maybe 4 years?), but never managed to post anything (shame on me). But I can say that, strangely, it is like I've already met some of you. Maybe not that strange, since I've extended many nights way beyond I should trying to catch up old discussions (and even some funny yet pointless flame wars). Therefore, knowing you like I feel I know, I couldn't help get anxious to know how some of you would judge the work of my studio. We've recently put together a website and a 2011 reel and the links are listed below. Please give me your opinion/suggestion, even if it is along with a "Sao_Bento style" irony! Website www.sopro.tv Blog (always trying to post interesting design-related stuff) blog.sopro.tv REEL 2011 (direct link to vimeo) http://vimeo.com/35764946 And now I SWEAR I'll try to be an active member here. See ya!
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