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  1. http://www.imago-emsland.de/das-leben-dana...ivx_half_03.avi Thats what i came up with. What do you think? I ran this through virtualdub and used the motionblur filter to make it look a bit more realistic. If dont want this blur to happen so often should i just increase or decrease the value of posterizeTime()? I havent found any infos about this expression thats why i am asking. Thanks a lot for all your help. The animation is still not finished but i just wanted to show you how the out of focus looks for now.
  2. Ups forgot After Effects of course.
  3. hi, i am still working on a title sequence for my short film. i've uploaded a 2 sec clip (aspect ratio 1,33, half resolution) from a ram preview. rendering takes sooo long thats why i can only show you this. The final sequence will be 12 seconds long in 1440x1080. Title is german and means "The Life After" http://www.imago-emsland.de/das-leben-dana...review_half.avi My Question: I want to add some random Out of Focus to the camera. Right now i have the focus distance connected to the Z position of my camera with an expression. What would be the best way an out of focus effect? The problem is a i cant add hold keyframes to the focus distance. I tried an adjustment layer with a fast blur but i want a real out of focus. Any ideas how i can get it done? Thanks
  4. temp = thisComp.layer("PointLight.BumpMap").transform.position; [temp[0]*((4000/720)/2), temp[1]*((2250/540)/2)] Now it works! This is the expression i just came up with. When the light position is 720, 540 the CC Glass light position ist 2000, 1125. And when i move the light it is exactly where i should be! Thanks anyway for offering your help Greets
  5. Thanks for your help! Tried but its not the center. Maybe i need to explain the problem a little bit more precise - Center of the light is 720; 540 - Center of CC Glass is 2000; 1125 with your expression the CC Glass position is 1280; 960 and the light is 720; 540 (center of my composition) The CC Glass "Light position" is linked to the position of my light so it creates a bumpmap effect. I need this because i want to wiggle the light a little bit. Ill try tomorrow a little bit on my own. Maybe i will come up with some solution.
  6. Hi, i just registered here Seems to be a very nice place. I have a problem with the position of my Light (PointLight). I have composition 4000x2250 where i place all my elements after that i changed the composition size to HDV1080 to make some camera movement and export it. I am using the CC Glass effect for BumpMapping and the Light center of CC Glass is linked to my PointLight Position via an expression with toComp. The Problem is that CC Glass uses of course the center of the texture which is 4000x2250/2 = 2000x1125 but the light uses the compsize (1440x1080/2 = 720x540). Any ideas except precomposing? Thanks
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