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  1. The k5000 are well behind the current generation of gaming cards in every respect. This has nothing to do with the performance of your system outside of the graphics cards - they're just outdated.
  2. Pretty sure Boxx do a (very expensive) render slave which is supposed to sit on top of your main workstation. Not sure what you'd do for video out on that. The issue you're going to face is that most cases are designed with expansion in mind rather than portability. Origin offer rather revolting looking mobile workstations http://www.originpc.com/Workstation/laptops/eon17-slx-pro/
  3. while the external enclosure is very promising, it's so expensive as to be pointless. I'm with jblessing on this one, grab a PC with enough room to add 2 (possibly 3) decent GPUs. IMO Octane for C4D is still flaky at best (with yosemite at least - I've had a few crashes in the last couple of days) and if you can handle using win7/8 then it will be better for your sanity in the long run. BTW I have no idea what kind of instability you'll be introducing by mixing ATI and nvidia drivers, particularly when you want to run the nvidias externally.
  4. Must remember to get hold of Snowpiercer, I keep hearing good things about it. SirCharles - have you seen la Haine? I keep returning to it every few years. My top ten (this week): - Memento - 12 Monkeys - The Dark Crystal - Gremlins - Aliens - Predator - District 9 - Dark City - Dazed and Confused - The Goonies
  5. We use it at work too. It's actually pretty damn good, and it integrates with Toggl for time tracking which is really handy.
  6. Yeah I keep coming back to Mike and El. Been on a Def Jux binge recently.
  7. We use MPEG streamclip, seems to do a good job.
  8. dan_hin

    C4D R16

    @theta I think there's a footnote in the changelog that refers to viewport performance... but it was after something about metaballs.
  9. dan_hin

    C4D R16

    @jmontreuil Nope, it's not on the new features list anyway.
  10. For a long time there was a bug with DNxHD which meant it didn't support alpha. Fixed now though. I normally just zip up animation .movs before sending.
  11. Difficult to fault this, for a piss-take it's very nicely designed and animated.
  12. We use Wistia. It's reasonably expensive, but it has timestamping options. We use it for client preview and delivery. It does a lot more than just host and preview, but I've found that it's reliable, private, secure and convenient. In terms of technical workflow, we export a "match source - high bitrate" mp4 out of Media Encoder, and upload that to Wistia. Job done, since the client gets an alert once the file has been successfully uploaded and converted.
  13. @jblessing http://www.mattfrodsham.com/blog/2014/4/1/updated-thoughts-on-octane
  14. Looks like you'd need to do a fair bit of post work to make this happen. As a starting point, I think you'd need to make a scene as normal, but build a multicamera rig with wide enough lenses to capture the scene. Maybe 2 cameras? - one for the top of the projection and the other for the bottom. You could comp these sequence into one image sequence in AE. After that, you could find a probe to rectilinear PS script then run that over your comped image sequences. Maybe? In terms of panning the scene, you need to look into either webgl or unity off the top of my head, presuming this is for web use. If it's for an installation then obviously things can get a bit more bespoke/complex.
  15. @dotcommer yeah there's a function to convert c4d materials to object materials. From the top menu go to Octane > Dialog window. From there you need to go Materials > Convert materials to Octane
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