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  1. while the external enclosure is very promising, it's so expensive as to be pointless.

    I'm with jblessing on this one, grab a PC with enough room to add 2 (possibly 3) decent GPUs.


    IMO Octane for C4D is still flaky at best (with yosemite at least - I've had a few crashes in the last couple of days) and if you can handle using win7/8 then it will be better for your sanity in the long run. BTW I have no idea what kind of instability you'll be introducing by mixing ATI and nvidia drivers, particularly when you want to run the nvidias externally.

  2. Must remember to get hold of Snowpiercer, I keep hearing good things about it.


    SirCharles - have you seen la Haine? I keep returning to it every few years.


    My top ten (this week):

    - Memento

    - 12 Monkeys

    - The Dark Crystal

    - Gremlins

    - Aliens

    - Predator

    - District 9

    - Dark City

    - Dazed and Confused

    - The Goonies

  3. Thought i'd add this to the discussion. Cgtuts recently started using it. and i just decided to try it out on a project. and I LOVE it to bits.




    (if you sign up with that link i get a month free of gold membership) .


    Its really great. you throw cards in to lists which are on a board. And the cards can have pictures, comments, lists.


    just try it. It's super intuitive.


    We use it at work too. It's actually pretty damn good, and it integrates with Toggl for time tracking which is really handy.

  4. We use Wistia. It's reasonably expensive, but it has timestamping options. We use it for client preview and delivery. It does a lot more than just host and preview, but I've found that it's reliable, private, secure and convenient.


    In terms of technical workflow, we export a "match source - high bitrate" mp4 out of Media Encoder, and upload that to Wistia. Job done, since the client gets an alert once the file has been successfully uploaded and converted.

  5. Looks like you'd need to do a fair bit of post work to make this happen. As a starting point, I think you'd need to make a scene as normal, but build a multicamera rig with wide enough lenses to capture the scene. Maybe 2 cameras? - one for the top of the projection and the other for the bottom. You could comp these sequence into one image sequence in AE. After that, you could find a probe to rectilinear PS script then run that over your comped image sequences. Maybe?


    In terms of panning the scene, you need to look into either webgl or unity off the top of my head, presuming this is for web use. If it's for an installation then obviously things can get a bit more bespoke/complex.

  6. @voz yep you need both, the standalone provides the actual render engine whereas the plugin just gives you access to it through a nice easy gui.


    @dotcommer self illuminating textures require:


    1. a material which is diffuse (ie not specular or glossy)


    2. an emissive texture channel enabled.


    after that you can play with the float value to see what gets you the effect you need (hint: play with lower values to start with, because the brighter the texture the longer it takes to remove noise, plus it tends to blow the scene out fairly fast)

  7. @CB I think the issue you're having is that this is the first (public) iteration of the renderer. C4d isn't that fast, and AE is slow, so I wouldn't expect miracles for at least another couple of major updates. Comparing to Element seems a tad unfair since it's far and away more limited than Cineware.


    Although... that doesn't really answer your question, does it?

  8. As I have no interest in the new macpro... I'll bite.


    I'm pretty unnerved by the whole thing, but beyond a general sense of unease skipping toward despair I feel completely powerless. The good thing is my government will not be in power come the next elections so with any luck this will be a good bargaining chip.. But the cats out of the bag now, isn't it?


    I have a hard time believing that any government will want to give up this level of control now they've tasted it. Perhaps the only alternative is to emigrate to Iceland....


    I think they say something to that effect, but since JGL kills Bruce in the original timeline, it can be assumed that the kid grows up with his mother. If kid doesn't (she dies or leaves for some reason) whats to say that the event that separated them wont happen again? Wouldn't the smarter move be to try and kill Bruce and stay with the family to make sure kid grows up with some guidance away from becoming a mob boss? Or just let Bruce kill the kid and make sure?


    you're right - that's the smart choice. But neither old Joe or young Joe are particularly smart.


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the issue that Bruce will shoot Emily Blunt first to get to the kid? If that happens then the rainmaker will probably go crazy and burst Old Joe. And with no-one to look after him or keep him onside he'll go bad fast.


    I think young Joe makes a split second choice to save Sara.


    Anyone else love the soundtrack?

  10. Doesn't Bruce Willis say they don't know anything about his early life? I like the ending by the way, love the whole idea of ending the circle of violence with a selfless act..


    Watched this movie twice, so glad I did. First time round I completely missed the transition to old Joe's timeline and thought young Joe was dead. So many cool ideas and such a great world to explore them in.

  11. @edrhine I've used Octane for a few months now... last time I checked SLI made no difference. The best use of two cards is assigning 1 to Octane for rendering and getting Windows/OSX to use the other for display. If you don't have a spare card, Octane makes your machine grind to a halt while rendering in the background.


    The standalone app is node based. By my own humble standards it's improved the quality of my event visualisations by about 300%. Although the downside of course is that at directors/account managers can pretty much hover next to me and direct as the renders are so fast...

  12. @microdot Staff here. No overtime, full stop. Although time in lieu is offered as a replacement. Most people who rack up 20-30 days worth of days off never get close to taking all that holiday.


    @anothername I watch a lot of people where I work pulling long, long hours and sometimes I'm jealous because they have no responsibilities and can throw their life away for a client with 0 patience. Then I smack myself in the face and thank god I get home at a reasonable time so I can see my wife and put my kids to bed.

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