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  1. I always forget to turn it off. Since cs6 I've never had any problems at all. Windows 7, Intel q9550, 16gb of ram
  2. my first thought is- you can't, at least not easily in C4D. Better to model shapes like that from polys, even if you decide to make that object using modifiers. NURBS will give you a shitty poly flow when you go to smooth it all out.
  3. dan_hin

    World War Z

    The book is amazing. You should definitely pick up a copy if you get the chance.
  4. Yeah. It's not a great situation, is it? Plenty of requests on CGTalk to get exactly this problem solved.
  5. Yes please! I'll pm you my username when I get to work if that's OK?
  6. Yeah via the matrix object - is there any reason you don't want to use it?
  7. Hello gents and gentesses, I'm in pretty dire need of a license of NET render for our 4-year old C4D R11 install. If anyone can help me out (read: sell me their old copy) I'd be delighted! Send me a PM or a tweet and I'll be eternally grateful. Cheers Dan
  8. @eliss Absolute gold, thanks for that.
  9. +1 Dave, it's the next best thing to jumping in a plane and attending in person..
  10. I use a Mac mini at work for flash dev work. I constantly long to be working on my reliable, fast, 4-year-old PC workstation that doesn't dop wifi connection EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  11. Depends on the budget. Quite often I'll get some styleframes together and hand them off to a producer, then find out that they ran out of budget on the second day of filming, had to shoot another day on their iPhones (held portrait of course), and the budget will be blown on making the iPhone footage look like it was shot on DVcam.
  12. You can make motion graphics with pencil and paper, coloured card and a letraset. On the flipside, it's also creating a series of 24 8-second text based graphics for a client who has no interest in the concept of negative space, taste or restraint. I would take some time to actually learn what motion graphics is before you embark on an expensive course that might focus on things you have no interest in doing.
  13. Try being the only person in a small shop doing mograph. I keep telling myself to put up or shut up. If you want to thrive creatively, personal work is the only way to do it, until you start getting those dream clients.
  14. Yeah @ianfreeze it's rather annoying to say the least. What I don't understand is the need to have two different types of undo.
  15. I came to the same conclusion after speaking to Adobe - seems like it's actually pretty good value, even if you'd normally upgrade infrequently.
  16. As soon as I read your post I thought of this article, which is sort-of-but-not-quite in the same vein. I think there's the issue of simply being able to synthesise a sensible brief, but also that us "creative" types tend to always be unhappy with our last project. We need that dissatisfaction, that hunger to improve in order to drive us on to better things. Also, what Binky said.
  17. Great link. I think the only thing I could add to Simon's reply is that a lot of this stuff will be coming from styleframes and taking input from ADs and clients.. so there's probably a shitload of external input that you can't legislate for if you're trying to take pipeline-level stuff and make it work on a 1-person job.
  18. Have you got a link to one of those breakdowns?
  19. dan_hin


    sculpting...why? Especially given the recent updates to Zbrush.
  20. use the codec that comes with whatever IO hardware you're using, eg if you have a blackmagic HD card then render to blackmagic avi/mov files. Or just use quicktime animation.
  21. @levante Yeah pretty much, although you'd be better off dragging the comp in there instead... You can manage the amount of cores/RAM used in the app as well.
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