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  1. I don't think the visual part of the ui will change in 2.5. the idea is that the backend will be overhauled to make the ui more customisable. so essentially you'll be seeing the blender interface, just with more options for hotkeys, layouts, controls etc. Whilst a lot of motion graphics-style tasks can be accomplished with Blender, it's my opinion that Blender simply isn't suitable for this task at the moment. Let's not forget that Blender is a character animation package first and foremost. This is the reason why the company i work for is now switching to C4D. RE the AFX point - have you experimented with the node compositor? it's features are getting more advanced by the day, and although it doesn't have the breadth of effects to rival AFX just yet, there's no reason why someone couldn't get hold of the pyNodes code and start making features of their own. Blender.org has a few dedicated forums for support, but you'll find that they mostly send you over to BlenderArtists, which is a great forum frequented by many of the "major" Blender devs. BA is fine if you can stand being helped out by a 13 year-old kid! The UI only seems a bitch when you are fighting it. once you come round to Blender's way of working, you'll soon find a considerable speed boost. In fact, i've heard a few ex-Maya users have commented how much faster it is for some tasks than Maya.
  2. dan_hin

    Demo Bumper

    I feel your rendertime pain... Blender I presume? My suggestion here would be to build the mechanical animation into the letters, if you have the scope to do so. Hackneyed maybe, but it could work. The cubes are cool, but somewhat pointless in the context of your ident.
  3. i guess this will be moved as soon as a mod chances across it! your only hope is either a: python scripting (should be a simple one actually, all you really need is the python hook for the property name) or b: shape keys. Unfortunately they're both fairly advanced Blender subjects - but let me know if you want/need more help and we'll continue this discussion in a more appropriate forum.
  4. yep, there are about 60% animatable properties through the "buttons" interface, and the rest have to be done through the ipo window (graph editor if you prefer a more logical name). also some properties can't be animated unless you use shape keys, which is just annoying. Blenders raytracer is quite fast apparently, but only if you use the right settings. it cripples my laptop for hours on end...sigh. Nice to see another convert to the Blender cause, anyway! You wouldn't happen to be an ex-XSI man would you?
  5. in that case www.blenderunderground.com is for you. it's an aquired taste (and staffed by enthusiasts rather than $100,000 a year pros ) but the video tutorials are widely accepted as some of the best on the whole wide interwebnet. Plus there's a great community! Dan
  6. build something into your contract about acceptable artwork files, their formats etc. make it clear that files of that size will be more expensive to work on. That sort of thing is still no substitute for good communication - if you didn't know the files were going to take > 1 year to finish, how could you have told the client this? I always make sure the client knows about any potential issues as soon as they happen. makes things easier to sort out. And planning the project whilst getting the client involved is also a great idea. Remember it shouldn't be your job to clean up artwork if you didn't produce it in the first place! Dan
  7. a wide variety of people, many of whom look like they don't know what they're doing.
  8. your 3d work looks a bit "shiny" - go easy on the specular pass! also, there's a touch of the "arrays still fascinate me" about this; but as you're a student, I'm sure that will not be too much of an issue. Music didn't do too much for me - but then I'm an R2DJ fan! on the positive side, there was some great colour usage, and lots of varied animation styles. liked the "classic" 3d typography bit. And in terms of design and usability, your site is excellent. Dan
  9. That is weird, very very weird. I love that Team Europe only have one AE user....
  10. make sure snap to grid is selected. open up a grid make a row of evenly spaced objects (you can use the align and distribute options here) duplicate them vertically, rinse and repeat...
  11. hate to butt in, but all the ui coding would of course have to be done in either flash or some other multimedia program like Director. The actual content you access via the ui could be created any way you like, as long as you output an image of some form.
  12. i think it already is global. anyone connected with trading on those dodgy mortgages (i.e. the rest of the global economy) has been hit. having said that - at the moment ordinary people in the UK not connected with banks, bankers or banking seem to be doing ok, as long as they don't want to re-mortgage their house, or get some other sort of easy credit. AFAIK, the worst is still to come though...
  13. dan_hin

    Jesus H.

    wow, this makes navigating Shottingham city centre on a Friday night look like a walk in the park. Glad to see that everyone made it out of this unharmed.
  14. i think you need to make sure that the models you make in Daz aren't tiny to begin with. experiment with various sizes of primitives to find the ratio that works.
  15. wow. it all looks great, I would hesitantly wish you luck freelancing....but I don't think you'll need it. And good to see another Director user out there...we seem to be a vanishing breed! Dan
  16. dan_hin

    Phil Johnston

    excellent. lot of interest there and no cliches.
  17. dan_hin

    Playboy TV

    it's ok I guess...but you can't escape the fact that it's an extruded 3d logo with some embellishments. If that's what the client asked for, then fine! It's also very short. Does this add to or complement the playboy brand? I second the previous post ^^ you need to resolve into something recognisable.
  18. well Tim, your reel looks like my reel that I made...in my dreams. good mix of techniques, use of 3d. Not too many animated arrows/grafitti/cliches. my only crits are: the pinball sequence - your shiny things are a little too shiny (I'd go for a slightly more blurred reflection) and the football boot: it could do with a bit of gamma correction. Dan
  19. dan_hin

    Is this Legal

    mate i'd get out quick if i were you...
  20. dan_hin

    Blender 3D

    as an Avid Blender user I'm begging you....please complete the .blend file! i can have a go at compositing this natively in Blender or AE...will post results if you like.
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