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  1. Maybe a stupid question: have you guys thought of using AME? The CS6 version is pretty good. @James it'll do QT conversions too..
  2. From what I can tell, the best thing to get for your system is something that supports OpenCL. Adobe look like they'll drop CUDA as soon as they can - all the hardware acceleration in Photoshop CS6 for example is dependant on OpenCL, with some small improvements squeezed out of OpenGL. Premiere and After Effects may well end up going the same way. C4D won't care which pro/gamer card you buy unless you're dealing with CAD data or other hideously complex models.
  3. +10 points for the music. Lose the balls and you've got a tight reel.
  4. I wonder if you've ever heard of the NoSpec movement? I haven't had any experience with a site like this, but I'd probably want to steer clear and look for work that pays real money, not promises.
  5. You can't export an actual 3D model from c4D to after effects. After Effects *currently* has no native 3D engine, so the closest you'd get would be rendering an animation and then working on the raw render in after effects. The null objects would be so that any extra 2.5d layers you want to attach to the 3D renders (text, particle systems etc) have a point of reference relative to the exported camera and lights. I believe several very well known plugin developers are, even now, beavering away on software that will make what you want to do a reality, have a look at Red Giant/trapcode's plugin Mir for more info. Dan
  6. The price is very attractive, but once you've bought lenses, mounts, handles, external audio equipment etc you might as well have bought an AF101. I'm sure it makes pretty pictures though!
  7. Probably the worst set of presenters I've ever seen.
  8. I take it you're a MSA and CS6 subscription customer?
  9. Let me refine what you want - the pages need to behave realistically i.e. not intersect as you flip through them..? I did this a while ago, trying to find the perfect solution nearly drove me to shiny, fresnel-reflective, GI-lit tears. In the end I settled on a combination of rigging with joints and good old fashioned keyframe animation.
  10. I thought the intro was a little long (the end felt much more appropriately-paced) and you seem to have included a shiny dynamic spheres spot, for which I give you full marks!! All jokes aside a great reel. Worth a "Like".
  11. @jon Ha yes, I see what you mean having viewed the shot. Since there's no camera movement in the shot you could just animate the wand in your 3D package of choice.
  12. Not sure about the layers themselves, but you can stretch an animation by keys in the graph editor.
  13. You need to solve the camera AND the object, othewise how will you be able to place the object in context in the shot? I assume that there is some perspective shift, parallax etc otherwise you could just track with Mocha or whatever. What you want to do is a common VFX problem, the help documents for SynthEyes or other popular tracking application will cover this process in full. Dan
  14. dan_hin

    The Dude Abides

    I hearted The Rundown. Tight work!
  15. Tim Clapham has a way to link the delay effector to parameters other than PSR. I'll see if I can dig out the xpresso setup.
  16. The way I'm (supposed) to work at the moment is: have conversation with client/producer, filter it, then send a bullet-pointed email back which they can then sign off. Sometimes I get a really good written document with everything I need on it, but most of the time you have to be ready to "manage expectations" and convert a rambling conversation into something useful. @KMKSunfire one example from the briefs I get: "We need 14 variations on an 8 second animation with 3 seconds pre- and post-roll. The logo is here the colours are on this site and the font is comic sans. Oh, and make it edgy!" The thing is, most of the time I'm doing fairly basic styleframes before I get a brief so that producers can go and pitch in a meeting. Either that, or some variation of "You know that job X we did X years ago, well client Y likes it. How long will it take you to swap the logos?"
  17. haha, I think that was the mograph.net understatement of the year
  18. Bobmarker half the problem with using a SSD on Windows are hibernation and pagefiles. If you have, say, 16gb of RAM, your hiberfile.sys will be 16gb. That's a lot of space to have to worry about, the solution to this is to turn off hibernation. Similarly, for God's sake whatever you do make sure you configure Premiere/AE/AME to save cache files to your data drive, not your OS drive.
  19. I can only add to the general consensus. I'm still lamenting the lack of advanced character tools in non-studio versions (yes, I'm still using R11).
  20. I liked the edit, some nice cuts in there. I think you ticked a lot of mograph cliche boxes (dynamics, chromatic aberration, lensflares, TV noise) but actually made something that was great to watch. Hats off to you sir!
  21. You need to look at the subdivision options for the caps. Change the dropdown from ngon to quad and then select regular grid. Or "frid" you can then set how subdivided the grid is, which should deal with your problem in most cases.
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