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  1. You, sir, just won tip of the day. Thanks!
  2. If you've rendered uncompressed then it's likely that your MB won't play it back properly; so it's not really an issue with the video itself, just with the processing power required to play it back. It's probably a good idea to render to ProRes if you have the option to do so. Bear in mind that the stock settings for rendering might be completely inappropriate for the task at hand, so you'll probably want to set up some presets based on what your clients require.
  3. It had shades of James Bond pre-Daniel Craig. Aaron I think you have it spot on with the mid-90s vibe. I really struggled to like it because I thought the Zepplin cover was absolutely pointless, and as that was kind of the driver for the whole thing it kind of never got off the ground for me.
  4. Hi Tim, I thought the reel was a bit too long. Didn't have the audio on, so can't really comment on it.. The standard of work though is really high, I particularly enjoyed the HUD sections as they stood out to me in terms of quality. The design, tracking and comp work came together nicely. You could probably cut the intro down so it's much snappier.. I liked the concept but it drags a little as soon as we see the keyboard and C64 prompt, I didn't think there was enough room in the gag for the screen time. Overall - high quality work, definitely some trimming required. Thanks for sharing! Are you the man responsible for the ceebeebies animations? I've always liked the style of them!
  5. By stuck, do you mean technically or creatively? Technically I tend to head for Twitter straight off, then after that it's forums and the whole internet merry-go-round.. lately the answer to most problems has been "oh that's been fixed in R13/CS5.5".. Creatively - find a mental groove that works, think the problem out. Going for a walk, sleeping or doing something completely different often helps to ferment ideas you might not otherwise have thought of.
  6. @Aaron Scott well if they use Lens Blur or any CC effects they might well be a couple of seconds quicker. I certainly have MP turned off for RAM previews as it seems to take a while to actually set the render up. No-one using Media Encoder then? I tend to use this use this instead of BG Renderer as it's free and I haven't noticed any significant slowdown.
  7. The first thing to do is to create a log of your scene and check to see if it tells you which plugin is missing. Once you've worked that out you can use the composition flowchart to go backwards through comps and find the culprit.
  8. Woah, thanks James! had no idea this feature existed.
  9. that was my thought too. That is of course of no use to you whatsoever, but you have my sympathy.
  10. Have you messed with the nVidia control panel settings? There are specific features that need to be turned on/off in order to get the best out of the cards. Sure I read a CGtalk thread about this recently.. maybe this?
  11. Are you saying you need to isolate the foreground from the background? The only thing I can think is several different passes of key light and a lot of levels, or a rough roto of the FG and then CG hair afterwards. You probably know this already, but this sort of shot is 50 times easier with a proper keying setup. Dan
  12. A lot of the stuff I do has to fit multiple screens, so I tend to design with that in mind (legibility + safe areas + being mindful of compression/buffering etc etc)... Apart from that - not a lot changes TBH from doing something that would go on DVD or on a big screen. Are you talking specifically about content as something that would only work on the internet?
  13. Hi all, I'm currently working on a title sequence that will be displayed over 3 separate screens. The main strand of the title sequence will be on the middle screen, with secondary graphics and video on screens either side. I'm finding it really tough to storyboard and plan out - has anyone else had any experience with this sort of project? If so, I'd love to hear about it! Dan
  14. Everything Zickar says and also that jump cut shot of the car - why? It looked slick but definitely get some more substance on there.
  15. HIghlights for me - the furniture spot, 8-bit zombies and the GDC spot, all very clean and animated nicely. I also liked the little splashy ripple you did, worked well. Things I didn't like too much - the bit with the scary landscape that resolves to the globe (the lighting didn't match the background); the videos with flaming torches next to them (looked a bit muddy - and the background wasn't great either). The final spot looks great but it's let down by the render - looks like it could do with more AA samples. Overall the standard in the reel is good (much better than mine for example!) and it's refreshing to see a reel free from the more obvious mograph cliches. Dan
  16. It felt familiar.. thanks for sharing a great reel though Dave!
  17. I looked at this post in my RSS feed and thought: "Uh-oh" but actually these are pretty cool. Thanks for posting them!
  18. suffolk is on the main commute to london. you'll be fine for work.
  19. Does this help?: - GI, spec, reflection, refraction -- use add, screen etc - AO, shadows, atmosphere -- use multiply, darken etc Dan
  20. dan_hin

    logo version 2

    The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams is a great place to start.
  21. I think you may have to start again. The first project on there seems to be cool in terms of how you reveal, but the rest of the work is either too "out-there" stylistically or too dated-looking to be of interest to potential clients. Granted, I work in the corporate sector of the UK so I'm probably the last person you'd want throwing my opinion in there, but that's what I'm getting from the reel. Areas you might like to work on include animation (timing and just generally), type and colour. I say that because most of the animation was jerky (even some of the rotations) and ended abruptly; the colour used was either monochrome or a combination of unsettling hues; and most of the type was either difficult to read. I appreciate that your work has a glitchy style but I think that unless it's done perfectly it just looks like you don't know what you're doing. Finally - some of the modelling looked good! Hope this helps! Dan
  22. That's from a greymachine tutorial I think: http://www.graymachine.com/2010/08/tocomp/
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