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    Mtv Ident

    I think you're confused about what this forum is for. It's not a Cinema4D forum: its for motion graphics professionals. So the work you posted isn't in the wrong place. I like the ident, by the way, very kelaidoscopic. so technique-wise I think you've got something there. I suppose the real issue here is not the slickness of the animation or the text treatment, its more about the wisdom of making a spec piece about a brand which already carries a massive weight of expectation and history. Anything you do with this brand is going to look worse because what people have already seen is so good. And thanks for clearing up what happens with the sweeps, but the question is why? What is the motivation for the project? I'd hate to refer you to the ongoing Nastyjames reel thread, but... y"know... have a look at it. It's here: http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=25215&view=getnewpost Dan
  2. I'm not a great fan of the type treatment for your intro, regardless of the legitimacy of the font it looks like you've frankensteined about 4 different typefaces together, also there are some shots that even by my standards (read: I rarely work on longer shots/pieces) are too quick. If you can't work out what's happening in the shot there's no point in having it on the reel. There are a couple of shots in there that I'd probably not include, like the explode transition and the replicated crowd; doubling up on the product shot isn't so good. But the edit was nice, it worked well with the music you used. It looks like you just need some more material on there to flesh the reel out. Dan
  3. dan_hin

    Book about Nuke

    What no funny jokes? Seriously though - there's something a bit more convenient about a reference book for me, plus of course sometimes I can't face stating at a screen for too long after work.
  4. dan_hin

    Book about Nuke

    I'd much rather pay for a decent book than a video tutorial, you get far more for your money.
  5. on your GI settings there should be a tab entitled "cache", you can specify a custom location for the cache there.
  6. There's something in that idea - maybe more tutorials need to be like that?
  7. dan_hin

    Mtv Ident

    On the second one, there's not a lot of explanation as to why all those sweeps come into frame, perhaps you could integrate them better with the first section before the logo explodes?
  8. I liked the Washington Heights bits, they looked like a fair amount of work had gone into them. I also liked the end tag, it felt fun and cartoony, and well judged. The rest of the reel... I felt like there was something missing - maybe some extra post work? Some of it seemed like you'd used raw renders out of a 3D app, but not really lit it with much care. Some of the text (eg on your opener) lacked a bevel which I think accounts for why it felt flat. The high times spot was probably the best of the rest - it had some nice work on the text. However I didn't get that the bouncing boulders were buds until I watched it again. It looks like you could have done with more reference - or more detail - in order to make them look a bit more recognisable. Hope that helps, Dan
  9. This just highlights how much cinema needs a proper render layer manager. The Layer Manager is fine; the multipass export is great, but there's no way to mix between the two.
  10. Great thread, and good tips from jaan too. Thanks - and good luck Neonski. Sounds tough where you are.
  11. there's no magic bullet for just exporting the matte for one object out of a scene containing multiple objects/materials etc. Why not make a copy of the scene, remove everything but the object in question and give it a white material. Instant quick render. Failing that, turn off reflections/shadows etc in your main scene, or investigate the Render Elements plugin.
  12. Greg You're going to want to render to uncompressed, every time. Then let your conpositing application or did authoring app do a transcode to mpeg2.
  13. Grid Systems is pretty good if you really want to get into the absolute basics, and Digital Lighting and Rendering by Jeremy Birn is a pretty good introduction to things you should already know.
  14. I thought exactly the same thing. Yum! Dan
  15. Couldn't you also use the Clone Info Hierarchy script to generate a null for each clone? After that, tracking the clone would be very easy indeed. Dan
  16. Nice reel Dan, although as you pointed out it's far too long. There's a few logo resolves I'd cut given the opportunity. You could probably hit 1:30 no problem. There's a spot right after your intro that is definitely not the best thing on the reel, I've been told that's a no-no, and it's a fairly generic mograph thing compared to the rest of the stuff on there (particularly the tron section and the futuristic London piece. I can't really offer too much more criticism than that other than "nice work!". Cheers, Dan
  17. The suspense is killing me..
  18. The help files are full of these little errors. Don't worry too much about it. What happens when you apply the tag to the object?
  19. dan_hin

    Reel 2010

    @Binky - thanks for the comments! Looks like it was fairly obvious that the audio has been giving me a lot of grief. One of the many things I really need to work on I guess. What I really want to do is find some time to work on reel-worthy personal projects and slot them in there. Easier said than done, as I'm finding out. Anyone have any tips on managing personal projects? I seem to have half a sketchbook full of ideas but nothing that's anywhere near close to being ready to animate... Dan
  20. dan_hin

    Reel 2010

    6 months (ish) go by and I have a new reel, no new personal work but hopefully there's been some visible improvement. Anyway: here's the link reel 2010-20 11 Cheers Dan
  21. Thanks for the heads up!
  22. I love that the game won't load now either. Genius. Sam, I heart you.
  23. dan_hin

    fgmotion demoreel

    I'll be gentle but I suspect that others here, if they are going to reply, won't be. I think your reel needs a rethink and you need to focus less on the technical aspects of software/tools and more on art/design/filmmaking theory. There's a fair amount of tutorial material on your reel which is an absolute no-no as far as I'm concerned - it's not cool to pass off the work of others as your own. Keep the projects to use as learning material but get them off the reel. As for doing a degree... depends where you're going to study. I'd go for a decent graphic design course and keep practicing in AE on the side if you're determined to enter formal education. Hope this helps! Dan
  24. dan_hin


    oops, now I feel silly. Epic post by the way. EDIT: @base80 - apologies, my bad.
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