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  1. saw some questions Dave posted on Slack that he pulled from twitter, thought i'd share my opinions. No ownership - as long as enough people agree that you own something, and can check using the blockchain who owns it, it's good enough for the participants. No product - The people buying think it's a product. Many people might say 3d animation is not a product that should be paid for. or models on turbosquid, AE templates etc.. , because they are not real and serve no purpose to a coal miner.. But they serve a purpose to others. Similar to Branded clothing. I don't care if the jacket says Gucci on it, but some people REALLY care, and pay more for it. And they have friends and people in their social circles who value this purchase. Similar thing with Stamps or basketball cards, to me they are just pieces of paper. but there is a group of people who value them very highly. Same with NFT's if you don't value them or understand them, that doesn't mean there is no product. There are people who to see it as a product.Imaginary value - see above. If even one person values it, that's value. Think of a romantic relationship between two people, they might have a mix tape, or a rock they found which means the world to them. But to everyone else it's value is zero. Same with NFT's it's a something that has value to people who understand it. Free store, pay for receipts - again see aboveIt's hurting people - i think it may be hurting people, in that they see everyone else selling, and yet they themselves are not, and get depressed because they think their work is crap. Since now there is a very public $$$ amount tied to every piece of work. Makes it harder for artist to earn a living - eh.. yeah.. dumb.. this is a new way to earn money. a new market, a new process. a new paradigm. More emissions no matter how "clean" platform is - see trust issue in post above. just because someone doesn't understand the value the NFT creates, doesn't mean it's not there. The product you believe you are paying for I think everyone is free to pay for anything they want.. Again, just because not everyone understands the value or the product doesn't mean it's worthless..
  2. pros: 1. Really excited for the platform that gives artists the opportunity to make money with their own personal art. Without too much friction. VS dealing with galleries, print shops etc.. 2. collectability and tradeability of the art pieces. Everything that's minted can be treated as collectible sports cards. That's very cool in my opinion. And you can double check who actually created the token. cons: 1. It does use a lot of energy. But it's creating trust. Not sure how much that's meant to cost, since it's the first time we as humans have managed to create trust from electricity.. Instead of the military industrial complex.. 2. lots of piracy and copyright infringment. 3. Often lots of negative emotions because everyone can see who is making lots of money, and feel shitty about it, because no one is buying your work. Feel free to add common arguments/discussions, so people can be pointed to this thread, instead of the cyclical discussions that are constantly had.. :)
  3. This officially took too long, but it's done now: https://ace5studios.com/mia Rigged stylized character for Cinema 4D Let me know if there is any weirdness with the page. my brain is dead from putting this all together..
  4. Bony, Beeffy, a 2 legged walker, Marvin the martian, get your Animation on! Download these free character rigs for c4d, and animate just like the big boys in Maya https://ace5studios.com/products/
  5. pain in the ass. 0-1 visa is the best option if you can swing it. Need like publications in magazines, or something official looking.sounding and a bunch of other stuff. Otherwise you are most likely looking at getting an H-1, which you need a full time job sponsor for, and there is a limit per year of h1's so its a bit of a luck thing. If by chance you are australian, you have an E-3 visa, which is like the h-1, but there is a bunch more of them. In all these visa's you need to have a degree, or like 10 years of demonstratable work experience.
  6. these look great! love the perspective shift of the deer! keep up the good work!
  7. Interesting topic on brograph slack, here is summary: -Real question, can you model a commercial product and sell it on turbo squid? Like that feels illegal. Or would you just have to make it similar but not exact? #notalawyer -well things like a bmw car or nike shoe comes with a disclaimer "editorial use only" which basically covers the turbosquid uploader if you get pwned by the company commercial products depend on the company, some are fine with it, some are not. john deer for example are notoriously litigious, like they go after everyone who makes a green tractor with yellow wheels. and i mean EVERYONE! like they have people googling the word "tractor" all day i think its leaning on stock photography laws. for example... you could have a photo of a celebrity smashing an apple product because it was a news event being reported. the paparazzi who got it gets paid by the publisher. But... Microsoft couldn't also license the photo, slap some copy on it, and then turn it into an ad its not about where it comes from. Its how its used by saying "for editorial use" the onus is put on the person paying for it ...even if the creater makes mint But seriously, check out other 3d model market places, like cgtrader, flipped normals and stuff. Turbosquid, takes more than half the profits from the authors.. its a bit of a racket.. also google authors name, sometimes they sell the same thing through their personal website for cheaper.
  8. looks great! followed you on insta :)) not sure what to critique, what was the goal of the piece? Did it have a message to deliver? The render looks nice, materials are great, lighting is great, animation is smooth. :)))
  9. dont do it. everything moves waay too fast for those courses to keep up. if you have the luxury, you should take classics, like painting, drawings, sculpting, caligraphy, design. Something that doesn't age. For everything else you will learn faster and better online and by getting stuff done. school of motion is a good place. there are many other online schools that are good for various stuff too. They hire actual industry professionals. which most universities don't ( can't afford them).
  10. vozzz

    PBR Textures

    physically based rendering its kind of an attempt to standardize the way materials are described across various software.
  11. vozzz

    PBR Textures

    nice! thanks for sharing!
  12. I think it looks great! love the shapes and timing. love all the little bubbles and how the labels change color with the music and sound. Really good stuff!
  13. beautiful reel! beautiful characters! beautiful animation! just great work! love it!
  14. buy stuff that says silent on it Mine makes like zero noise. Wasn't totally intentional, but pretty surprised. main culprits for noise are cheap power supplies and cpu fans. so get bigger power supply than you will need. Then fans won't spin up for longer. most gpu brands have silent versions. Fans only spin up under high stress. also get a cpu cooler which has a large heat sink and google which are the most silent fans. I think noctua make the best from what i recollect. There are also cases with sound proof padding that should help too. standard plug: http://ace5studios.com/hardware <-quick run down of what each peace of the computer does. A bit our of date, but only thing that has changed is AMD cpu's seem to be pretty good value. But personally waiting for next gen.
  15. Yeah, its pretty easy to get pigeon holed. Especially when you are good at something. Because it becomes an easy way to make money. Since you already have the necessary skills. It's why its important to pick personal projects and really push yourself in new directions. And be your own art director. Make revisions, act a shitty client Sometimes you need feedback from others. This used to be a great forum for that. Maybe with the reviving of it, it can be again. Also a good idea to branch out and learn about something unrelated. I love watching crash course videos on youtube. anatomy, biology, chemistry, history. They have plenty of useful stuff to get your brain churning. In the last couple of years i seem to have drifted towards a more technical role, rigging, etc and now i want to go back a bit towards design and aesthetic development. So im trying to get personal projects finished with a strong focus on design. Shapes, form, composition etc.
  16. this tutorial i think should answer most of your questions pretty well:
  17. vozzz


    looks awesome! i would add a bit of squish when it contacts the floor, otherwise superb!
  18. Working on a character animation reel, it's long overdue, and i feel like it can be better, but i guess here is a wip, feel free to dig into it and give feedback, which parts do you think are the weakest? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3vJRAkENcU
  19. vozzz

    3DDuff 2018 reel

    Cool reel, i would maybe cut it down to 1min, but not sure what i would cut out. all the stuff in it looks great!
  20. Hey, thought i'd share my c4d tutorials here, since this place is back up. www.ace5studios.com/tutorials
  21. well damn! did not know this is back :))) so many classics still here!
  22. Hey, i agree, great work! I love the hud animations, the ones that are purple and blue, really cool stuff!
  23. if you're feeling adventurous http://www.gearbest.com/tablet-pcs/pp_590393.html has win10 on it. 128gb ssd, micro sd expansion. Search around, im pretty sure it uses wacom for the pen technology. the cube i7 did. [edit]: ah yeah, you can see in the description photos that its wacom.
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