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  1. I have more or less the same problems you described - finding balance while working full-time is quite an issue. However I was thinking London is a good place for freelancing in Europe (albeit the ridiculous prices for renting an apartment there). I think it would be interesting hearing infos from people who are working in Europe or any other places, especially how is the freelance market in different cities/countries. I was always attracted to Berlin, but I have no clue how to get started there. Currently I'm working in Dubai, but I really don't like this place, so I can't recommend moving here. (it's a total shock after a nice European city, and there is barely any culture here - just to name some of the downfalls) Also there are lots of infos about US (especially NYC an LA) here on the boards, but going there from Europe seems like impossible due to visa issues - especially if you want to be self-employed. However I've heard that an immigration lawyer could help with that. Maybe this is where it all ends for mograph people, you have to move to the states sooner or later...
  2. motionbit

    Reel Critique

    You should read The Animator Survival Kit from Richard Williams Priceless if you are into motion...
  3. Pretty impressive, I have to say.
  4. So true, finally MBP really feels pro again - I'm very happy they finally jumped to high performance quad-cores, and Thunderbolt looks promising. Next time I shop for a notebook I won't have to hesitate between a MBP and a Dell/Hp/whatever (which offered 2x the performance for the same price before) and then feeling guilty because I traded of performance for design... Wish they have IPS displays also... Just read about the performance: http://www.primatelabs.ca/blog/2011/02/macbookpro-benchmarks-early-2011/ (However I'm more interested in Cinebench results)
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking into setting up a corporation in Delaware and looking for an accountant (would be great if familiar with the taxation in Delaware). Can you recommend anyone? Btw sorry it's not a C4D question Cheers, Balazs
  6. For monitor tests Prad.de and Tft Central has extensive reviews of monitors: http://www.prad.de/en/monitore/reviews.html http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews.htm They both aimed at higher quality monitors, however none of them tests Apple products.
  7. I've recently switched from Softimage to C4D. SI is a great program, especially ICE is nice, however there are some issues going on with Mental Ray (Softimage's default renderer). Head over to any SI forum, at least half of the people really hates MR and there is reason for that. I'm not sure about max or maya's mental ray integration, but people are saying it's much better than in Si. On the good side, ICE is really powerful (I wish I could do things like that in xpresso). If you learn it, you can do almost anything, but be warned, you have to get involved in serious 3d math for complex effects. You can also make your own mograph-like tools and replicate Cinema's functions (however by default it doesn't provide anything like that). There are some tutorials on Digital Tutors free section about replicating the Mograph cloner in ICE. I can't comment on cloth, but I've seen some Ice modules for cloth simulation. Generally I find Cinema better for jobs with tight deadlines. If you are not afraid about getting into ICE and hardcore 3d math stuff maybe it's worth a try. But to get to the level using it for production, I think it's a very big time investment. CmiVfx has some good Ice tutorials, it worth checking them out. Hope I could help...
  8. 'Why Apple axed Xserve, and how it can reenter the sever market': http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=114611 Purely speculations, but there is an interesting comment: Not sure how useful for rendering tho... Cheers, Balazs
  9. Maybe it's too late, but XSI have a very good polygon reduction tool (Model->Poly Mesh->Polygon Reduction). It maintains the UVs very well, but if there is a problem with the generated low-res mesh, you can use easily use GATOR to transfer the UVs and textures from the original high poly model.
  10. motionbit

    Crossed Over

    Great animation. Recently I've started incorporating C4D into my workflow too after using Softimage for quite some time, and I love it more day by day. It's so easy to "make cool shit" happen in Cinema. Head over to http://greyscalegorilla.com/, if you haven't already. Nick Campbell has lots of great tutorials.
  11. motionbit

    OFFF Paris

    This has to be somewhere near the Eiffel Tower, right?
  12. Wow, I haven't though this thread would turn into a warzone. If anyone wants to make religious statements, please make an another topic for it. Anyway thanks for the people, who posted useful things. I really appreciate your help.
  13. Hey PreRoll, Thanks for the infos.
  14. I've spoken with some people living there or used to live there, and they like it. I've also heard, that the things we can read in the news are mostly far from the reality and it's quite a safe place. So I've made up my mind and I would go. For the record, here is a site, that said to be accurate about Dubai (I've already ordered two of their books): http://www.liveworkexplore.com/dubai/
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