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  1. Sorry for non-HD quality. All thoughts and critiques are absolutely appreciated.
  2. Selections of work from my first year at T2. Some of the graphics are programmatic and others were created for projections. Please Critique.
  3. I have Nitrobake (wicked awesome btw). I need the clones to freeze so that I can run another soft body simulation at their fixed position. I've sort of found a work around by setting the gravity to zero, turning off all effectors, then setting the cloner objects initial state with the mass map in place. It's kinda of a jenky since I'll probably need to break the scene out into several different files, but I think this will work.
  4. I have a soft body simulation where rings stack within a container and then the rings grow tubes/socks from the top. For what I'm trying to achieve, the rings need to settle, then I need to freeze their position and remove the container. I've used mass maps to freeze certain parts of a soft body, and that works great when I freeze the position from frame 0, but I can't find a way to animate the mass maps after the simulation has run. The mass maps are key-able, so I've tried switching from a completely lax map to one with rigid mass (with points mapped to 0, meaning they should have a fixed position), but the cloned object still move. This may be hard to understand, so here's a link to my test scene (R13) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/176680/Freeze%20Clones%20Test.c4d . The final ring container isn't a box shape but is conical. Any help or direction is appreciated.
  5. Keon

    Gimme Bar

    This looks kinda schweet. Could you gimme one of those invites?
  6. and check out the follow up video.
  7. Keon


    Just my opinion I love the audio, but I think the overabundant snare hits throw the edit off at parts. It seems like the original cuts in some of the pieces are off beat. Eye on LA piece cuts in just a frame or two late The cut into the Travel Tracker piece is off. The section starting with the help wanted stuff and ending with the toyota sports zone feels weird. It seems like you are trying to have a faster pace with the edits in this section, which is good, but I think it would play better where the audio is heavy on snare hits, if that makes sense. Nothing else stands out, but while I'm being critical, a lot of your work is diverse and striking, but then you have the cutout people pieces (na hoku festival week and chick in a red dress). I would lose those and the black silhouette abc 7 promo just because the style is so trite. They are done very well, but I still cringe when I see it. The abc 7 propaganda stuff is great though, keep that. I agree with Florio about the house piece as well. You've got great style, keep it up.
  8. Keon


    Intro and outro are tits. Solid reel overall. Some of the cuts feel a little off.
  9. UGH... I just ordered 12 last Wednesday and now they are offering 13 free if you buy 12 in August. I called customer support about any possible leeway with the deal, but no go. Am I wrong to feel like I got kicked in the balls?
  10. The motion boutique people said it will be released in a couple weeks in the comments. I think this plug-in is very powerful. I also think this system has much more potential than the demo shows. I just hope the price isn't backbreaking.
  11. EasyWalker I've been waiting a couple months for this since I missed out on the open beta. It looks very promising and powerful and other p-words as well.
  12. I merely work with the fine people that created this. Let me know what you think.
  13. Keon

    LEO Technologies

    meh. Contest parameters: specified videos no longer that 45 seconds, which represent the submitter at the core without any specific details pertaining to the submitter (e.g. name, gender, personal experiences). All thoughts and/or criticisms will be appreciated.
  14. Keon

    Video Search

    For the fucking win, that's it. Thanks.
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