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  1. Hello All, It's been some time since I last visited mograph.net. I wanted to share some work I completed earlier this fall at McMillan Agency for out client, BrandActive. This project was a lot of fun as it had been a while since I animated in this style. Hope you enjoy, feedback is welcome of course! https://youtu.be/HA8uYPHLHJc Thanks!
  2. Nuff said. Mograph lesson No.157.. haha.
  3. Vozzz you make a valid point, and I'm not saying I was the creator of circles or tracers, or the colour red, or the animation style. I could most definitely see this being a similar source of inspiration. This was just something that kind of caught my eye for the first time in my career, with one of my pieces. I really appreciate all the replies, you've all made very good points. Hello.ahay, I most defintely would be flattered if this was a case of imitation . Thanks for your time and input! Chris.
  4. Hello! I hope I'm not posting in the wrong section, it has been some time since I last visited. I wanted to get some opinions on copying work versus using it as inspiration. This is an intro for a conference I did about 2.5 years ago. Design was done by a very talented graphic designer and motion was handled by myself and a good friend. It was a fun project. Recently, another piece was passed on to me because a co-worker recognized the similarities. I contacted the creators and they claimed to have never seen my video before and my original comment from their feed stating it looked similar was deleted. Is this just a weird coincidence or is this copying? Or is this inspiration? Where do you draw the line... if there is one? Granted everyone does get inspired by other peoples work and I have even had that GENIOUS idea only to have a co-worker say it was from a piece I had seen and forgotten about a long time ago... What are peoples thoughts?
  5. crmoberg

    Grad work

    Thanks for the advice. This is helping a lot. And just to double check 'spatial' is controlling the bezier curves of an objects path, and temporal is controlling the eases of that keyframe? This is kinda what I have got from exploring AE. Please clarify if I'm way off. Thanks again!
  6. crmoberg

    Grad work

    Thanks everyone for all the great feedback. This site was a little rushed. It was a school project. I plan to redo my portfolio site and also make sure to include a demo reel. I'm definitely taking all note of all the great tips. I keep hearing/seeing this a lot, for people to work on their key frames. I've been trying to play more with the the graph editor in After Effects to adjust my eases. I find it hard to use. I know in CS4 they have introduced the x,y,z graph editor but I am still finding it hard to get it to do exactly what I want. It just seems to take forever to get the result I want. Does anyone have an suggestions. Thanks so much, Chris.
  7. crmoberg

    Grad work

    Hello Everyone, I just graduated and beginning to look for work. I wanted some opinions on my portfolio site (mainly my motion work). I really want to do motion graphics for a living and still have a lot to learn. Any feedback or suggestions would be great. Even in terms of what studios will be looking for in a new employee. Thanks and much appreciated, Chris. www.chrismoberg.ca
  8. You might have already found this tutorial, but if not.. http://www.knoge.com/videos/adobe-after-ef...3d-glasses.html
  9. Hello everyone, I am starting to use a lot of movies in my motion work. My files are getting to be too large to carry around on my usb. I have been looking for an external hard drive for my new iMac. Is it worth the money to get a hard drive with firewire 800 versus a usb 2.0. Also is it worth it to have a hard drive running at 7200rpm versus 5400rpm. Since I am going to be running back and forth from school I have been looking at the LaCie Rugged hard disk. I know it is a little pricey but the durability I think might be worth it. Any information is much appreciated, Chris.
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