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  1. Not this week. When my toddler climbs into my lap and starts pressing buttons is when the real learning begins!
  2. EZOfficeLogoCreatorProPlus - Your one click logo solution!
  3. Steven J.

    OS X 10.7

    Will we now download Cinema 4D and After Effects off of the App Store?
  4. As far as the cherries go, I was being facetious, because it's such a well known example, obviously, and it has been imitated. Heck, I was tempted to, but I know better than to touch 'em with a ten foot pole. Maybe raspberries.
  5. Just to be clear, I have no intentions of copying tutorials and passing them off as my own work. I think it's wrong to do that, and I don't want my name smeared. But I do like to watch tutorials and learn and mess around with features I never thought to mess with. Maybe concept is the wrong word choice. I like to think you can learn a feature, or see a particular problem solved by watching a tutorial, and use the "tool" you have learned and later apply it to something else in one of your own projects. For example, I was trying to make some fish swim around and arrange themselves into words. I was able to do that before I saw Nick's tutorial, but after seeing the dynamics applied as well as the effectors, and the cooler way the objects seemed to arrange themselves, I decided pop that project back open and to apply that technique.
  6. How much, if any, can we use CONCEPTS we see in tutorials or things we see? You can't tell me everything I see on network TV is absolutely original. For example, can anyone use cherries again, now that they've been in a tutorial?
  7. I have to say this looks pretty cool.
  8. Looks interesting on first glance, but after reading the description, what info is here that I can't find with a little searching online? Are there some "secrets?" I see the words "broad look." Is there some really good in-depth stuff that I can't find in Mylenium's tutorials? Show us some video - tantalize us!
  9. There have been a few threads about originality. Thought this might be funny - a little blast from the past. I showed this to a few people I knew at our local small-town TV station a few years ago and NOBODY picked up the sarcasm... http://lekowicz.com/library/logohell/logohell.html
  10. Cool. I'm running C4D 10.5 with Leopard on my macbook pro. Maybe I'll give SL a try.
  11. I didn't see this discussed - has anyone tried Cinema 4d 10.5 on Snow Leopard?
  12. I haven't watched the video I bought yet because I haven't been hooked to the internet enough lately, so I can't answer your question. I think I'm going to stick from now on with stuff I can download from people who trust their customers. I mean, I have trusted them with my credit card number, for crying out loud.
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