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  1. Hi Mograph Peoples, First the link: http://www.creativeleague.com We wanted to let this forum know about a site we've been making. It started as an idea two motion graphics people had 5 years ago, and has been gradually coaxed into existence. It's a way for employers to find people, and people find people, all through their work, searchable by keywords. Created by people in the industry, for people in the industry. It's not a blog, a news portal, or an online community. It's a simple, easy to use directory of you folks. If you wanna join, take a moment to register. Once you're a member, you can easily post your motion work, either by LINKING to a Quicktime movie you already have on the web, or UPLOADING a movie through our Vimeo powered uploader. There are also many ways to share the work, as well, you can copy the url straight from the address bar, as well as being able to link to a users page with all their media. This is being improved upon as you read. Everything is rated by users, and sortable as well, without too much back and forth via comments etc. Many new features are to follow. We hope you enjoy, and please let us know of any feedback you might have. Cheers, Creative League
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