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  1. Hi Everyone I need some advice, I'm up for an editor position at a small produciton company in Los Angeles. They do end to end commercial production for some pretty big lifestyle brands, lots of commerials, some sizzles, web and event coverage with budgets around $80,00 to $450,000. I have been freelance the last three years and they are seeking a fulltime editor. They want someone good (not assistant level) and they pretty much offereed me the job ( I have 5+ yrs experience, expert at FCP AE, and C4d, previous lead and post-sup experience), They want to talk salary and after freelancing for so long and having such wide flucuations in my yearly net, I'm a little lost on what is the going fulltime post salary. IMO multiplying your daily or hourly rate by days or estimated fulltime hours is not going to be accurate. What's the typical salary range at a place like this in Los Angeles? My assumption is the low end at similar places with my skills is $75,000, is that way off? Any adive is appreciated!... Thanks
  2. Hi guys, looking for some varying opinions about what technology to buy if say, you were going to to turn your one man operation into a two or three man operation. The jobs we intend to do are broadcast, product sizzles, commercial work, but we want to beef up in order to vie for larger bulk roto jobs which may require more than the few computers we already use We have mac pros ranging from 2010 to 2012, full audio booth, DSLR, and some furniture, but that's about it for now. When you began to expand, what technology did you invest in? What was a waste of money or did not provide the returns you would have hoped? What were you surprised to find you needed but didn't plan on purchasing? Curious, and any opinion helps. Thanks. Matty
  3. Hi everyone. I'm conducting a little research, trying to figure out how much actual 1-on-1 cinema training is worth to designers? Thats the question, but heres the narrative. Basically I meet a lot of designers who learned cinema by grazing tutorials, and then get frustrated on the job site because they only know half the program and even then, they don't know the "best practices" approach to getting stuff done. Having taught college level broadcast design classes with a cinema focus I'd love to help designers get the most out of the program, but not sure how to price my services if I was to build a curriculum. So I could use some help. My previous syllabus, minus the readings and viewings (basically the brass-tacks cinema lessons) would fill ten days say, four hours a day mon-fri, for two weeks , or it could be several longer weekend sessions, either way, I think two days or a week is not enough time to learn such a dense software, so theoretically let's say a course is two weeks I length My questions to the board are. Has anyone paid for training of this nature and if so, how much? For how many hours? I see 2day sessions going for $600 but I'm happy to offer a course as described above for $1000 or maybe even $800, too low, too high.? (All my research says im pricing myself way too low, but do people actually pay $600 for two-three day sessions, I just can't imagine learning a software in that short a time) This is in the SoCal market, if that helps. Thanks for reading, any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. I feel the opposite. while it's pretty obvious TP has not had an update in a while. I got used to all the functionality on hand when using Trapcode stuff, so when I started to use c4d particles. I found it really limited. with mograph it gets pretty powerful, however TP is great for crazy setups and generative stuff, or when you need particles to do things you normally wouldn't think particles are supposed to do, like paint flaking off of a moving car. It's a toss up I guess.
  5. cute kids. and I concure that this isn't the best shot to practice tracking with, particularly in AE whose tracking capabilities are somewhat limited. Try a steadier shot. maybe a dolly shot that has one smooth move and maybe one faster jumpier move (but not shaky), that way you get a feel for tracking both and you can experiment with your settings.
  6. Awesome reel!!! love the textures! Those exploding and recombining logo effects are dope. How are those done? Do you use Maya or C4d? modifiers? keyframes? xpresso? Keep it up.
  7. Yep, maybe a health food commercial, I thinka t the end all the elements use that trope where they end up cycloning into a bowl or some kinda packaging. Damn. This is gonna bug me.
  8. Hello- I am trying to describe an idea to my boss for a promo I am trying to make up, the best way to show him what I am taking about is to explain a commercial I saw but I'm not sure what it's for so I figured maybe you guys would know. The spot: It's a newer TV spot that features text written in the font from the movie Juno; kinda cartoon-y, and the camera is doing a circular pan upwards targeting different text ( camera has a cool "circular escalator" type feel), also as the camera moves, growing video-copilotesque flourishes happen around the text. It's a white background and my initial thought was that it was for a phone company or a pharmacy but I'm not sure. Also the text and flourish elements look billboarded but I may be wrong. Hope this is enough info Gotta catch the boss before he takes his nap. Anyone seen this commercial? if so what is it??? I would like to show him this soon and figured this is the place to get the fastest response, since you guys are whiz-kids. Thanks Matt
  9. I agree with Tomcat. There is a lull at about the five second mark just before and while the color boxes come in. Also It took me three viewings to notice the word mobile, which isf that is an important part of there business, then those text elements don't pop the way they need to individually.. Otherwise it's an awesome start, I like the color, the camera work, and the music was dope.
  10. Do you mean a pop as in say, when text pops up onto a screen in burst from nowhere, or like a bubble popping w/misting soap residue?? or neither??? I'd be very interested in knowing this too.
  11. 2 way boxes, check- didn't think of that, graph templates- perhaps a countdown or something for numbered items, what exactly do you mean by phoner graphics? Thanks Matt
  12. Hello- Here's a question for everyone who has had to make a lot of similar pieces for broadcast news etc. I have a client who I am doing a motion graphics package for, a few actually, which she will use on her local news/ interview show. She is paying well and says she wants several different "looks" and for each look, a package containing all the elements you would ever need to do a show with any given look, she wants drop-and-drag elements because she is editing it herself and doesn't know graphics or editing that well, she will be putting titles over the elements in FCP Express. So now we have our looks and for each I am going to give her everything I can think of, so far: A few full screen reveals (swipes??), a floating title box, lower thirds that roll in in a few different ways, Bug reveals, left and right thirds ( Is that what they are called? positioned like "the word" on the Colbert Report), and a couple of looping backgrounds for her to use for credits etc. Is there anything else I should throw in? Any suggestions would of great Thanks Matt
  13. Hello Everyone- I was just wondering if there are places online that sell pre-composed bits of motion graphics, Like lower thirds, fades, dissolves, reveals, etc. I've found some that are a little too "news"-y and not really all that "design"'y- but most are $500 dvd's and not downlaodable bits, I think it would be cool if there was an 'etsy.com' for motion graphics, is there?
  14. Hello- I joined up on this board because I am working on all the title design for the non-profit TV station where I work. hopefully turning what comes out of my tenture here into a decent reel. Just sayin what's up. Thanks Matt
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