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  1. Hi all. Just a quick little post for anyone who might like to have a quick look at the latest music video I made for the band, Posthuman. http://www.vimeo.com/13758559 Cheers, Jamie (obviously, comments welcome)
  2. JimJam

    New Stuff x2

    Hehe, no worries. If I took criticism personally I very much doubt I'd post it up on a public forum. Completely take your feedback on board. To be honest, I think my approach on this video is very much a 'required taste'. The fact that the piece is long and repetitive is quite knowing and deliberate. I'm very much aware that this would turn some people off but this piece was always going to be a more experimental project than one that tried to wow, which is more akin to what the band were after. I just thought I'd share it. Thanks for taking the time to look at it though. J
  3. JimJam

    New Stuff x2

    Really? Works for me. Thanks for letting me know though. Anyone else got problems with it? Cheers, Jamie
  4. JimJam

    New Stuff x2

    Hi all. Just thought I'd share a new music video I recently finished for the band Regolith and also show my new(ish) website. The music video is a somewhat more experimental approach than my usual fair, but I thought it suited the music nicely. Anyway here it is: Regolith - 344s and here is my new website for anyone that is interested: JimJam Graphics Thanks, Jamie
  5. Cool - good luck with it. Be sure to post it up when yer done! I didn't realise until after that you can only put forward one entry. Otherwise I might have spent a bit more time on it.
  6. Knocked this one up in a day. Hope someone out there likes it enough to give it a Yay! vote. http://www.e4.com/video/69SdWQaTZWyzEdggztm8Ox/play.e4 Cheers, JimJam
  7. Hi iline. I hope I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot here and I think you raise some interesting points. I am one third of an electronica band who do their own visuals. For us, the live visuals are as integral to our performance as the music. Now I've seen some VJ work that does seems lazy and not exactly inspiring. However, I have also seen just as many incredible VJ performances that have really contributed to the overall live act. I also think that it's very hard to judge a VJ performance from just a video as with any live act, a lot of it can get lost if you're not there. I'd be interested to see what work you're cooking up with regards to the Ableton and Arkaos set-up as that is exactly the process we used for our last big gig. Like you I think that there is a lot of potential with where VJing as an art form can grow. JimJam ps. If you wanna see some clips from a gig we did with Hexstatic then you can check em here. They're certainly not perfect, but it was our first time of using Ableton and Arkaos together.
  8. cheers theurbanchild. I'm glad my process came across okay. I find it hard to put those sort of things into a blurb without it sounding... well, bad. ;-) Thanks for the support!
  9. Hi all. Just finished this music video for a track off the forth coming LJ Kruzer album. Tam - LJ Kruzer Thought I'd share it out Take care, JimJam www.jimjamgraphics.com
  10. Hi all. We (as in my band, octavcat) recently played a set at the fantastic Videocrash night at the Koko, Camden (supporting such acts as Hexstatic and DJ Food). Just thought I'd share some footage from the gig. It was my first stab at using some new software for playing the visuals live (Grand VJ) and with a pretty short schedule it was a steep learning curve. Anyway - link can be found here. All the best, JimJam www.jimjamgraphics.com www.octavcat.com New Album... Hard As Snails available on uncharted|audio
  11. wow, ...must... ...get... ...cs4...
  12. Thanks for that link Sao, some very nice stuff on there. Yeah I agree that doing a project entirely in After Effects does have a whiff of 'novelty value' about it. That said, I think that the Shape Layers are such a powerful tool and I hope we're only seeing the start of them. I think there is potential there for Adobe to create some amazing tools with them.
  13. Hi all, this is my first post on here so please be gentle. I was just wondering if there are many other people out there who have noticed that with the introduction of Shape Layers in After Effects it is quite possible to create pieces that are entirely built in After Effects? By that I mean not using any source footage or images created from other software packages. Literally starting and ending the whole thing using After Effects. This is not something I have deliberately set out to do. It's just that I have noticed a couple of pieces I have made recently I have gone down this route. This one here being my last example: Hard As Snails promo I was just wondering if anyone else has found this or would like to share other examples of 100% After Effects pieces. Thanks,
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