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  1. Hah I haven't been on the forums in quite some time now, but I love how Binky is still providing some sage advice. Nice to see you're still putting in time to help us kids out Bink.
  2. Hey Stephanie, Its usually helpful to give everyone a little information about yourself when your posting you reel (ie. history, experience, future goals). But just looking at your reel from a straight forward perspective, you need to really focus on the "design." From the looks of your website (which really needs some work as well), you come from an illustration background, which shows through in your work. However, there seems to have been a lot missing in the transition from the one field to motion/animation design. The first place you might want to start is typography. I think its one of the most marketable skills of a motion design, and can teach you a lot about framing, keyframing, and overall fluidity of your design. The two pieces that stuck out the most as being good examples of your work are the Ann Arbor Film Fest Bumber and the Edward Jones with the octopus. The other things, especially, the pieces with the dancing lights, seem like "a cool concept you had" but weren't executed well. Good news is that your taking steps to better yourself (ie. asking others' opinions of you work) which will help you grow and try and be better as a motion design, or whatever you want to be. Good luck.
  3. Leah Raeder used to be a regular around here. She was great about giving good feedback and offering tutorials and tips. From here blog post, http://www.leahraeder.com/site/blog-closed/ , seems like she's moving on. Some words of encouragement would be nice.
  4. looks great man. nice variety of work/style/software. only one suggestion... make it shorter and sweeter... aka cut down on techniques you've shown already and the ones that aren't so strong. Also the reel would be more interesting if you cut it to the music a little better. I'd say there's really nothing missing from the collection of work but more so on the presentation of it... good work.
  5. I know this isn't the best place to get an answer but nerds are nerds... and I figured I'd stop by here before I head over to any other forum and just be lost in the crowd but... trying to play/stop this movie clip named "pana" based on mouse position. here's the code. pana.stop(); pana.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, scan); function scan(e:MouseEvent):void{ trace(pana.localX); if(pana.localX<232){ pana.play(); } else { pana.stop(); } } word.
  6. anyone else notice that this guy gets asked about like every week...? i feel like there should be a sticky that says "the dutch/german designer your looking for is Conrad Ostwald..."
  7. looks good, only thing I would suggest would be to add some 3D... also some stop motion is always nice to have too
  8. I'm young and arrogant and really into the internet culture so people think I'm in tune with whats "hip" and on the "cutting edge" even though I have little to no experience with what's going on...
  9. First your site is pretty nice. I took a look at your code which looks alright. I'd say make sure your commenting your DIV tags so you can stay organized. Also typically <h1> tags are only used once per page. Another thing would be to add "meta description," and "meta keywords." Also adding a favicon and 404 page is nice too. As far as your work goes... first thing... where is your reel....? That should be either on the front page, or at the top of the list in a contrasting color on in your nav menu at the top. A lot of your work looks nice and has some potential design-wise, but some of your animations are slow and kinda drawn out and boring. Also your camera moves are kinda slow and boring as well, start playing around with the graph editor in AE to start working with better key framing. Your work looks to have some potential but the number one thing you need to do is to get a reel up, that's the first thing everyone looks for, and most likely won't look at your other if you don't have one. Also, with your reel you can really be creative with combining all your work together, and you can even make the project your exhibiting more exciting and simulating. You can also probably figure out a good way to incorporate your graphic design stuff too. Hope this helps, good luck.
  10. i never liked dreamweaver's ftp... why not just edit your files in dreamweaver and use an FTP client like filezilla or cyberduck to put them on your server...
  11. I dont see the point in buying bluray... its going to be extinct in like a year or two... movies will be downloaded straight to hard drives.... right? I mean netflix already streams their shit through Xbox360 and PS3.... investing in blueray seems like a waste...
  12. Haha... yeah... Your reel (after I had to go through all that mess on your site to find it) is alright, nothing special... a lot of star grow stuff which got old... plus I counted at least 4 or 5 Andrew Kramer projects/stock vectors in there... Cut them out... To get a job... first thing... redesign your website... second thing... get an internship... Unless your reel is amazing and has been featured on Motionographer and people are coming to you to ask for work... you need to meet people... because cold calling rarely works, and like you said, experience first... Best bet is to get a job doing something... because I assume you need cash... and in the meantime check craigslist and motiongrapher job board for freelance gigs... start meeting people... etc... I was in the same boat in May... sat around for 5 months sending 500 emails a day, going through 1000 tutorials, learning new programs, etc, trying to promote myself... but nothing... then I got a job as a web designer and couldn't be happier... working there then coming home to a stop motion or a typography piece, etc... then again you live in California so you might have a better shot... Best advice... if someone offers you a job... take it... even if its pro-bono... you never know who that person knows or who you'll meet... A degree means nothing because your being thrown into an ocean of kids just like you with the same degree and same level of nothing....
  13. I don't know what this is... a reel for your or a spot for the company... It seems like they gave you a paragraph and you just threw together every effect and gimmick you could think of into one big mess... After watching it I have no idea what this company does, and have no idea what your skills are besides some basic 3D deformers... If you wanted this to be your reel it fails, and if you wanted this to be a spot for a company it fails... I'm at a loss for anything constructive... First off, a reel is not a spot for a company. Second, the sound design, and visual design are poorly connected. Third, there is no flow or anything cohesive through the piece besides the string of words your trying to push... Design is about story telling... search for Binky's posts in the forum, he's more articulate than me when it comes to explaining these things...
  14. Alright so after working full time as a web designer for about 4 months now, I realize how little people know about the internets and good code. I've recoded a bunch of sites from other designers that are just shit and a pain to redo... And I feel bad for the client that paid for said crap. I'm a huge believer that the internet is gonna save the world due to its free information, anon, and its autonomy. So I thinking about starting a new site kinda like GreyScaleGorrilla for webdesign that offers video tutorials, information, links, inspiration and good practice to users of the internets. What do you guys think, anyone seen a similar site out there? There's obviously alot of info out there about wed design, just as there is about motion design... but GSG does it better...
  15. yea vimeo is great now... until more people realize that its not over flooded with crap like youtube... and the design and UI is alot better... Vimeo in 5 years will be just as bad as youtube... but by then there will be another video social network... its the way the internets works...
  16. I thought most freelance gigs were going to other studios to do work for them... Seems like most of you guys just work from home? So when a job is posted on motionographer that says "anywhere" that's what you guys apply for? blah my world is being flipped around... Maybe this is why I never found much freelance work... that or my lack of any real world experience...
  17. jon jarvise - the crsis of credit good.is - the hidden cost of war.... theres alot... check out my vimeo channel for a bunch http://vimeo.com/channels/visualessay
  18. Lets show all these hip New York people that Philly has some community too...? Is there anyone even from Philly and/or interested in a Meetup?
  19. I dont think there would be a problem because your not selling the promo you make right? If its going to be used in your reel to simply exhibit your skills then theres no problem... its the same thing as people using music in the reels and doing spec projects for big companies... If you are really concerned about it, then just add some credit at the bottom of your reel on your site... I doubt a multi-million dollar company is going to put up much of a fuss over some random person adding their footage to a design reel that a total of 500 people will ever see...
  20. nice reel, nice export on the quicktime, nice well designed site. only thing, your missing a </p> tag at the end of the description of the reel. also your using the id "nav" more than once, use class. also add some meta tags in your header and a favicon great work, keep it up.
  21. black text on black BG? or maybe there was something wrong with your font assets in control panel?
  22. yea this was a nice spot. Congrats on the motionographer post as well as the Vimeo staff pick.
  23. Only been working there for 3 and a half weeks, just got my second monitor about two weeks ago. Laptop on the left for music, tried to make it more interesting with some kid robot vinyl.
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