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  1. Hey Binky Sorry, my english isn't so well in writing. Wow but your a critical fewer. That's nice to read that they still exist. The idea is that the abstract butterfly fairy opens the world of color, design and movement. The world of ARTIBITE. It doesn't really ends because I hope to make a lot more nice pieces. But thanks for your comment, I will think about it when I'm going to make my next reel
  2. ARTIBITE REEL 2015 is online. Have fun. https://vimeo.com/137613113 Let me know what you think?. Best Kevin
  3. ARTIBITE REEL 2013 http://artibite.com/#/post/artibite_reel-201350 Hope you like it? Let me know. Sunny regards, Kevin
  4. Let us know what you think. Thanks
  5. Hey you all FITC asked us to create the opening titles for their Amsterdam 2010 Design and Technology Event. Designed and directed : Soulbase Co-production : Artibite Music and sound design : Studio Takt Graphic design : Drön Character animation : Air Rebels Character rigging : NMtrix So check it out and let us know what you think:
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    Yep the animation, effects and lightning was done in Maya. The modeling and shading mostly in 3D Max and Cinema 4D. Thanks for the comment!
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    Hey Peeps I want to announce that our short animation film is online. So take a look at it and share your opinion with us. Have fun watching it! Cheers Kevin
  8. Hi peeps I just finished 2 new projects: Leader for a Dutch program Ontopic (EO) http://artibite.com/Movies/leaderWhiteSmall.mov Leader for Films and Stars 2008 http://artibite.com/Movies/Films_a_St_PR_Small.mov Would like to here what you think.
  9. Thank you all for thr reply's.
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    Full Reel 08

    Hey Aleksey I like your characters. Bud i don't like the glosy shine 3D textures. It's fine for the car. greetz Kevin
  11. Thanks for the suggestions I replace the reel with a smaller one. And the song is: Herbaliser, just won't stop. Thanks
  12. Hey dude's I just finished my portfolio: www.artibite.com Direct link to my reel: http://artibite.com/Reel2008.mov
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