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  1. Hey Binky
    Sorry, my english isn't so well in writing.

    Wow but your a critical fewer. That's nice to read that they still exist.
    The idea is that the abstract butterfly fairy opens the world of color, design and movement.
    The world of ARTIBITE. It doesn't really ends because I hope to make a lot more nice pieces.


    But thanks for your comment, I will think about it when I'm going to make my next reel

  2. great work. was that animated in maya?

    enjoyed those stretched running sequences.




    Yep the animation, effects and lightning was done in Maya.

    The modeling and shading mostly in 3D Max and Cinema 4D.


    Thanks for the comment!

  3. What song is that?


    Great stuff! Some really clever ideas in there, especially the painted porcelain. Love the hectic, vibrating style. Your site looks good too, nice and clean.


    Just some technical comments: 52MB is on the high side for a video this small and short (360x288, 1:27ish). I suggest reencoding and lowering the quality, and possibly raising the resolution instead. What's with the last 20~ seconds being a still? Also, I suggest you enable the video for streaming, since the download was pretty slow for me.


    Cheers man, great work.


    Thanks for the suggestions


    I replace the reel with a smaller one.

    And the song is: Herbaliser, just won't stop.



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