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  1. well at least there's still some fun aparently I'm all in for change but I'd rather stick with my 3dsmax doh. But I'll propably will be able to contribute some AE once in a while.
  2. very interesting read, gonna test some settings on my 5D. And no I don't get bored by the look.
  3. I'm adding free 1280x720 25p stockcollections to my site just in case someone would be interested. It requires a registration to download but no strings attached. (just psychologically thingy so people think twice before they download and keep my bandwith within boundaries) visualart
  4. Is it me or has this place like changed a lot ? (-and not in a good way- ) I was one of the early adepts at the start of the forum then kinda lost track of it a couple of years ago. Kinda looks like it has changed into a Cinema4D forum...
  5. I'm currently working on a module that will explain how to do it in 3dsmax. Here are a couple of the test setups so far : http://www.visualart.be/rnd2011/inflate.mov http://www.visualart.be/rnd2011/inflate_guidedcord.mov http://www.visualart.be/rnd2011/inflate_textmesh.mov http://www.visualart.be/rnd2011/inflate_subgroups.mov It's basically cloth animation with internal pressure applied so it inflates.
  6. flablo, the wiggler is pretty capable of reproducing it, check this out: http://www.visualart.be/?p=170 Just applying the wiggler isnt random enough, with minor tweaking you get pretty decent results.
  7. So I decided to do something usefull with http://www.visualart.be From now on I'll add some tutorials and resources regulary online, mostly aimed at intermediate users of aftereffects & 3dsmax. (sorry C4D users...) I got some more plans with it for the near future & pimpmylogo v2 should be starting after the summer. If you like, keep an eye on it I'd say. Feedback is always welcome. grtz Tom
  8. Picking up where I left, I'm almost at the epic 100 animations. No need to send me anymore logos, I allready got like a huge logostash. Dunno if I'll go beyond 100. Maybe some time in the future.
  9. I think it's great someone's taking my initiave, I sent him my pimpmylogo, let's see if he wants to pimp it.
  10. Tnx epal, it's kinda part of our philosophy to master as much as possible. In amount of time putten into the project it's still manageable. I think it's an average of 20 minutes for the non 3D to 3hrs for 3D animations (including rendering). Too bad it's kinda busy at the moment with normal jobs, I'd love to get back on the pimps to finish the project. Daniel -> for this effect I used Tinderbox bad TV, easiest way is to take the template set to good TV which cancels all the normal effects it does and then use the shift channels parameter to widen or narrow the RGB channels seperatly. If you don't have tinderbox, you could also duplicate the layer 3 times, use the standard Tint effect on all 3 to change each one to a R, G and B, then set the 3 layers to multiply which will make them appear black when overlayed. Then animate the positions of the layers seperatly.
  11. I am married, got a dog, 3 cats and 2 chickens. Anything else you want to know ? B)
  12. Hey Epal, my company consists of 2 people, my associate mainly does the business side and some R&D and I take care of the creative side. So yes, this is kinda single person work.
  13. Just wanted to get you guys noticed I'm back on it. I'm at 67 logos done in meantime. No more logo submitting doh, I allready got more then my initial target...
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