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  1. You might already know about this, but it evaded me for the longest time. Go into your viewport menu, and go to Options, then Level of Detail. You can select, high, medium, or low. This helped me immensely once I found it, I seriously look back at old projects and wonder how I ever completed them without knowing this. Also, utilizing layers is a great way to manage system resources. They're a little confusing to grasp at first... but it's worth your time to invest into understanding it and using it to your advantage.
  2. Awesome input. Thanks guys. I thought at first the edit was the strongest part of it, but now I'm rethinking that. Thanks again for the great input.
  3. Hey guys, I recently finished my reel and would like some feedback on it. I'm thinking about making the jump out to the west coast soon, but I'm doubting my abilities and would like to get a better grasp of where I stand amongst the competition. Thanks in advance. https://vimeo.com/33425469
  4. I work at a small video production company in Chicago and we run an Avid Unity server with a mixed setup of PCs and Macs. I work off of and store my aftereffects and C4d project files through a fiber network on a mac, the art director does the same on a PC. Occasionally, I will render something out through C4d to import in AE and am having a problem with missing frames and other minor technical issues. I am considering just creating my project locally, and only rendering out my final comps though aftereffects over the network. Does anyone have any similar issues? Any recommendations? Any good resources with working with a similar setup to try and ease the process, or will it always be a pain in the ass? Also, I try and do a network render through both C4d and AE from windows based machines. The problem with the C4d net render is that it doesn't save my TIFF sequences to the specified network drive, but it saves them locally on my mac in the users/administrator/projectfile/results files, from there I copy them over to the network drive which can be time consuming if it is a long sequence. The problem with the AE network render is that, it can't reference my TIFF sequences on the network, font problems, and certain assets are missing. Is there something I'm missing, I've tried everything. The network is all windows based machines, which I'm assuming is part of the problem when I'm on a Mac. I think it has something to do with the way that Macs name the network drives (i.e.- gfx2) whereas windows will name it with a drive letter (i.e.- U:gfx2). Thanks, Chris
  5. I'm somewhat of a n00b to c4d. I've been encountering a problem which is when I have a camera system, with an align to spline tag, a target tag, and a rail spline, I still get weird things going on with my keyframes. Most of the animation will be smooth until it comes to the point on the spline that has a point, which I made with the bezier tool. It's not really an easing issue, I've tweaked it every way I could and still have the problem (i.e.- linear interpolation problems and the like). Could it be that I need to use the B-spline tool instead. Any pointers on this, I haven't really been able to grasp it. Thanks. Chris
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