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    San Francisco

    Thanks, checked out meetup - some interesting stuff there, albeit no exact matches in the period I'm looking at. And I am working on conjuring up a visit to Pixar somehow...
  2. the Oz

    San Francisco

    That's very helpful, guys :-) I work in-house for a fairly big broadcaster. Now and then you can apply for internal grants for "continuing education", broadly defined as skills that will make you better at your job. So they wouldn't sponsor a full two months of vacation, but possibly a one week course program abroad, if I have a convincing enough application. If you feel like moving to Norway, you're welcome - we're recession-free for now.
  3. the Oz

    San Francisco

    Hi, I am going to be staying in San Francisco May-June. I am on leave from my job in Norway, but I might get them to sponsor my stay a bit if I had something worthwhile and educational to do while I was there. A one week course for up to $1000 would probably be ideal. Fields of interest would be: Non-beginner Cinema 4d stuff Non-beginner compositing or color grading DSLR Video cinematography and techniques Information graphics and Data visualization Programming Generative visuals (Processing or similar) If anyone has any good suggestions they would be most welcome. Oh and general advice on what to do with a lot of spare time on my hands in San Francisco is also most welcome.
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