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  1. Hell yea! Thanks for such a thought out critique. You rock and roll all at the same time. Comments are noted and I'm sure I'll be incorporating some of these philosophies into my next reel or a re-cut of my current reel. I've heard someone else mention the tip about the soccer player shot so you're not the only one. Thanks again for the tips, good sir.
  2. Hey guys- This is my first actual reel. Wanted some harsh critique on it. I'm a director, editor, motion designer. Mostly working in the ad business and mostly directing. I do motion as a side hobby and learned it to make my spots look more polished. Hit me with your thoughts! Summer 2011 Reel Cheers!
  3. Blinky, I've learned more from this post and your post on the recent grad (who you were helping realize how to flesh out an idea) than I have from my entire 4 years getting an advertising degree. Ha. Great tips. I'll be looking out for more from you.
  4. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the answer from the experienced side. Really helps us young'ns!
  5. So do you think these were styleframes from the pitch or do you think they are screenshots from the final spot? IF they are styleframes for the pitch, do you think he (or any mograph artists) make elements that are ready to animate so when they move from styleframes to animating it is quicker? Or is the sole concentration to establish the look without worrying yet about how you will animate it?
  6. I suppose this is the perfect time to ask a burning question: I see boards like these all the time. Is this the level of detail necessary to show to clients for styleframes? Or is this from the actual completed spot?
  7. Are you a fan of author Paul Arden?
  8. Hey guys, I know there's a bushel of people here more experienced than me. Yes, a full bushel. So, I come for some advice you might see helpful on my next project. I'll keep it short. Here's the plan. I will be having several shots of layered still images that will be separated to create parallax on camera moves. Each shot will have a super slow motion action in it, for example I will take a picture of a lumberjack sawing and recreate the sawdust with particles and move them verrrry slowly. On the other hand, the camera will be moving at regular speed. I plan to move things in the image with the puppet tool, very slowly as well. I know I will have to separate things into layers there too. The style of motion is something very akin to the Visa spots with Michael Phelps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7W45Fr6NRA I hope this is understandable. Just looking for any foreseeable problems anyone spots right off the bat. Gracias. -dan
  9. Thanks a ton to everyone who replied. This helps a great deal.
  10. dansheppard

    New Reel

    Don't blame ya. Ever since I saw it I don't let anyone have kids. It gets really tricky when they're already in the process of making them...
  11. dansheppard

    New Reel

    Haha. Well, the music style is what I was after. Not the content. Neither of which case would intend to offend.
  12. I've been searching this board for a good half hour and can't find an answer. I just wonder if anybody would care to share their method of file naming to keep big projects organized. Or, since it might be a lengthy topic to discuss, maybe just a link to a site where you've adapted a method. I've looked, but I hope this topic hasn't been discussed.
  13. dansheppard

    New Reel

    Not to knock the OPs work because some of the stuff in there is great, but I'm curious what/who started this trend we see so much of. It seems like more and more reels and even just work in general are using this industrial/twitch music or some sort of variation. Will this be the new kinetic typography (or any other played out trend) soon? The farthest I remember back was seeing this sort of style in a creepy short film called Rubber Johny. I'm sure many are familiar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9TbdheS3Sg
  14. I know this isn't exactly what you wanted but a quick google search brought me to this: http://www.tv.com/video/3270/101/348/anima...the-scenes?o=tv Found it interesting and relevant.
  15. I think I achieved a similar effect about 39 seconds into this animated spec piece I did: http://vimeo.com/2262440 For me, I feel like the shaking of the camera, as if it was falling with it, and the clouds animating upward sold it. I also had some snow, in my scene that I made "fall" up at a really fast speed. Any little detail you can add to parallax your TV will sell the effect better. Best of luck. Dan
  16. this is beautiful. did you shoot the live action or is it stock?
  17. Hey guys. I'm glad to come back and see such good and constructive responses. A few of you make a good point about branding and how it doesn't "look" like a century 21 spot. I can see that for sure. It was definitely my intention of making this a century 21 commercial throughout the process though, and not tacking on a tag and logo at the end. I think I need to work on branding a bit more in the future with any of my work. I do a lot of live action spec commercials as well and have heard that before. Lots of tips well received here. To your point "ha ha ha", I do believe that some of this was inspired by mr. kiwi. An animation so touching I couldn't have forgotten it even though I saw it ages ago. Beautiful work. Thanks again for all the help and tips so far guys!
  18. incredible style. this is really amazing.
  19. Hey guys, I'm a student of advertising and I love video. Recently been falling in love with mograph and animation. I worked on this for the last 2 weeks and I know it isn't perfect, but would love to hear some comments on my first animation. Be harsh if need be, I just wanna get better: http://vimeo.com/2262440 -dan
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