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  1. you might need a go pro? i here the pressure in outer space can do some damage.
  2. any mographers out there living and surfing NYC? I'm looking to move to NY soon, and I'm trying to figure out the best location for me. I think if I could split a commute between work/manhatten and a beach spot with surf rockaway, that might be a good bet? So I was thinking by prospect park would be a good middle point. anybody live and surf NY? I am new to surfing but think I would like to get more into it. I'm coming from Wisconsin where there are no waves.
  3. Thanks guys, this is the idea, these links help! thanks again
  4. Impossible to say unless you talk about a specific ident, also depends on if your watching discovery via america, austalia, euro, south america, etc "original productions" produces a lot of discoveries programming. (show content) but idents are generally lead by discovery's inhouse team, designed/executed by a vendor/freelancer/in-house depending on the project
  5. anybody know any good executions, of either animating still imagery? or a good execution for showcasing magazines and website assets? any help is appreciated. been looking through vimeo and behance, haven't found a good filter/topic search thanks! K
  6. they just re-made red dawn, and there is the the australian version "tomorrow, when the war began". -and there's always the next few years... not for the movie, but for the real thing.
  7. is it better than no producer? good producer helps out a great deal. knows good writing, knows good editing, knows marketing, is a good politician and salesman. He manages expectations bad producer is at the very least, a buffer between the artist and client... -Great when your an artist's artist. (not a politician or salesman) -not as much when they are screwing up language, giving wrong info, and just passing emails along.
  8. thanks Z-ski. I see moving mesh works also.
  9. I am diving into simulation, dynamics, hard soft bodies etc. I am starting by trying to re-create the mousetrap game. thought it would be a fun lesson! My problem is the marble is colliding with the "outside bounding box" instead of the actual shape. I thought It would be inside the "collision" drop down inside my dynamics body on my "bath tub" but the only option close seems to be "another object" Any body have any experience with this? so I want the ball to drop inside tub instead of bouncing on mid air... make sense? http://kieliszewski.squarespace.com/temp/ (the middle frame is where ball stops. bottom frame is where it needs to go. ignore larger ball to the right.
  10. I upadated my portfolio to include style frames from 2012. I didn't put all work, just some of the things I like. I think I might have to many, or some bland stuff. anything on this page you would leave out? http://kieliszewski.squarespace.com/2012_style-frames/
  11. I second this, maybe not so much creativity as much as quality and execution. I would hope outside of tv, you have more than 4 hours to apply titles to script, render, distribute to editors, and get the spot on air for next day. but I still haven't gotten out of TV, so I can't say for sure.
  12. Just updated My reel/portfolio site, shortened it up quite a bit, and added a few new things. I could probably work on cut and integration. Any thoughts? http://kieliszewski.squarespace.com/
  13. Anybody going to Promax BDA in L.A. this year? I'm going a few days early to explore, first time in L.A./Cali Anybody be willing to give me a tour of their post house/shop/studio? Not looking for work, but it would be cool to see how the other half rocks it. June 9th-14th? I would love to meet up with some mographers! Need some freelance connections. I enjoyed last years promax in N.Y. Industry eye opener for someone working for a growing cable network in wisco.
  14. start freelancing, and go to school (but look into BA or BFA) Next question?
  15. fall off works to vary the "strength" of individual "primitives" and how they are affected, but how do you apply it so it affects different parts of "primitive" to vary "strength" within one primitive? Do i some how link fall off to a ramp/weight..? If so how do I do that?
  16. I am trying different methods to animate roots. I'd like them to rip/un peal/animate off. So after setting up a simple scene using sweep nurbs, I am testing "cloner, "target effector". The "repel" function works and primitives move away, but I was hoping to affect different parts of the "primitive" object at different strengths. Using a shader/weighting perhaps? Idea being, base, (un-affected) by the "target effector" and the tip of roots are 100% affected by the target affecter. So far I have tried a shader, but not having any results, but I am complete newb. Thanks guys!
  17. http://kieliszewski.squarespace.com/temp/2012/2/10/saturday-in-the-rough-evolution.html I always like seeing how projects go from concept to finish, but not a lot of resources out there. Usually companies don't like showing what rough art I would imagine. Any body have any pics of projects they worked on? outlining how a piece progressed from start to finish?
  18. It's pretty simple and more common then you would think, though not ideal. There is only one real option. He needs to find another job offer, and use that as a bargaining chip. It's generally that simple. If he is worth it they will keep him, if he's not then he can go to the other offer. If he can't find another offer, go to the mirror...
  19. Any body willing to modify or post some briefs they have recieved from clients? black out any key info to avoid pissing anybody off... but think this is a huge opportunity to learn. I always find that I come up with ideas while writing my own brief, for lack of having one provided...
  20. Does any body have a resource to view a collection of creative briefs? whats involved, what do you find helpfull, anybody willing to sare briefs they have recieved?
  21. Kmksunfire


    Hey all, I just dipped in to C4d, finally. for some reason I have seem to lost my material manager...? when I go to window to reveal nothing happens. I can see where the window should be, but when I make new materials, they don't show up.. Anybody experience this?
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