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  1. Anyone have any good recommendations for sound design libraries? I have the video copilot stuff but I was looking for more transition options.
  2. I just updated to a new machine and forgot to backup a set of scripts that I used - I just can't remember what the set was called. There was a palette of scripts, mostly utility stuff like sizing something in half or quarter, etc. Can anyone help me?
  3. Nevermind, I got it. I had to delete the old aex file. I just renamed it and left it in there just in case I needed it again.
  4. I just installed C4D 13 and tried importing a render and aec to AE and the plugin won't work? Has anyone been able to use R13 and CS5 here? I updated the exchange plugin in my adobe plugins with the one that comes with the install in MAXON\CINEMA 4D R13\Exchange Plugins\aftereffects.
  5. http://www.wacom.com/en/Products/Inkling Work safe
  6. Has anyone here tried this? I wonder if you could connect emitters too the motion.
  7. Thanks, is this only done in Flame so far? I've seen a lot of this in the past year.
  8. 15.1 is insane. I think I was in the 4's using a PC with a 720. My machine was new in December and is already one of the slowest out there.
  9. Thanks a lot, the part about checking "solid" and inputting the dimensions so that he could change them in AE was exactly what I was looking for. It essentially creates a dummy that I can replace in AE as many times as needed.
  10. I'm not working on a watch but lets say I am. Can you take an animated model of a wrist watch with a blank face from cinema 4d and add some sort of tag so that you could drop in photoshop art in AE? I know I could do that in C4D but what if you had to do 50 different renders of the same thing because of that one piece of art that needed to be changed per sponsor or client?
  11. Thanks, I decided to just export things separately and mask in AE.
  12. Is there a way to use an object as a mask in Cinema 4D? I know I can in 3DS Max but I've never tried in C4D? I see that I can check alpha in the object's material but I can see that object as white in the Alpha channel when I render a preview frame.
  13. Thanks Vozzz and Uterus. I'll give those ideas a try.
  14. I have a baseball model that I need to export from c4d to 3ds max. I've tried exporing an obj and a 3ds file which works great for the model itself, the materials don't come with though. Is there a way to export those as well? There are only 3 materials used, one of which has a bump map.
  15. I have a fairly simple shot I have to track that includes a slow pan and zoom but I have do do a little work in 3ds max and also in after effects with a few different elements. I have experience tracking in AE but none in 3DS Max. I also thought about trying Voodoo. Does anyone have a good idea of which would be best to use? Thanks.
  16. I'm working for a company on their machine. I need to get up to speed on 3ds Max because it's a full time job. I think I know what machine I want to put together (intel i7, nnvidia, giga mobo, 12 gb ram) but I think I'm just going to have the IT guys spec it out and then I put it together. I enjoy that. I can do it at night. I need the money from the mac pro to build what I want though. I would love to keep it but I can't.
  17. Thanks everyone. I got to play with the latest version of Max today and I was happy with it. Subtle changes in the new one are nice. Now I'm building a machine. I forgot how much cheaper it was to build a PC. Although I'm also pretty happy about the resale value of my mac pro after two years of work.
  18. I'm going through some tutorials right now and I am really surprised how similar they are. I like Max's freestyle modeling feel a lot, I don't know if that makes sense. It's just a feeling right now. I hate the black eyed peas.
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