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    What the hell is an About Me page doing in a forum? Ok, well, I was a graphic designer for print and web since... hmm. Early 90s? I only made occasional jabs at shooting video. Discovered motion graphics and After Effects in 2006 or 7. Now it's all I think about.
  1. Basically, I wanted to get some details on my being able to include work I've done for clients in my portfolio. E.g. I did a mograph piece for a local Jazz Festival. It's okay to include this in my portfolio and/or reel, right? Trickier one: I did many pieces for a New York company who is licensed to stream Korean TV dramas online. The work I did includes clips from the shows, music from the shows, etc. That company is fine with me including it in my portfolio. But could the Korean networks give me trouble? I'm asking now because I'm going to start doing some freelance work for a small video/editing outfit in the UK. (I'm in the US). We wanted to include many of my portfolio items on the UK site, so I'm extra interested in the legalities of this. Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction?
  2. I just noticed that everything in my Cinema 4D editor view is pixelated and looking pretty choppy. I don't know what I did to cause this. The only big change to my computer is the addition of an Nvidia Quadro 4000 for Mac. Could it be they're not playing nice? When I render, things look fine. But the editor view is another story and it's pretty annoying. Any ideas? Here's a screenshot. Update: I just checked preferences and it appears C4D is still using my other card, a GeForce GT 120. ???
  3. I was thinking of getting a Quadro 4000 for my Mac. But I read somewhere that they can cause trouble if you have another card in the machine. I need the other card because the 4000 will only let you use one monitor, and I need two. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  4. I'm working on my first real project using After Effects CS6 and the new Ray Tracer Renderer. I have 3D shapes in the form of text in front of a "wall" which is set to use reflections. For some reason the reflections of the letters in the wall are way brighter than they should be. In fact, they're really not behaving at all. I don't see a way to attach photos so here's a link to a jpg on my site: http://www.johnstanowski.com/DFReflections.jpg In the photo you can clearly see that the sides of the letters are darker and the reflections of the same area look like they're glowing white. What gives?
  5. I'm looking to have multiple cameras pointed toward my animation but I need a way to "animate" the switching of which camera is in use. I've searched and searched but I'm not getting anything useful. Not looking for a full blown explanation, but if you could at least tell me which phrase to search for that would be awesome.
  6. Sorry, newbie question. I make local SD spots for broadcast. But we're about to start HD spots. As the spec sheets roll in I keep seeing that they require that I use 4:3 Title Safe for even though it's for an HD spot. Can anyone explain why? Thanks!
  7. If a company gets licensed to stream content from Korean broadcasting network SBS, and I was requested to make an English trailer using that content for and by that company, can I put that in my portfolio without infringing copyright? And can I put that on my YouTube channel which I'm using as a Portfolio? ( I just posted the trailer I made to YouTube. Shortly after I got a warning that it MAY be infringing on SME's rights. It wasn't taken down or anything. But I was still wondering. ) Thanks for any guidance!
  8. Can I use the likeness of an iPad in a commercial for tv or web? I want to make a promo for an iPad app and was planning to purchase a 3D model of an iPad and animate away. Crazy thing is I'm not really sure about the legality of it all. I never ran into this issue before. The model shows an accurate depiction of the iPad, complete with Apple logo and all that. Can I do this?
  9. I find it hard to understand the paragraph as it's out of context. If I knew what came before it and after it, that might help. One thing I can offer though: I've been watching a lot of documentaries lately and I noticed that when they don't have a visual element which is specifically related to what is being said right now, they substitute with general images. For example, I saw a doc. on a serial killer in Russia. They said things like "he had a second house where he did the deed", and "he stalked the train stops in search of victims". And they indeed showed the house where he did the deed and fake footage of a man stalking a train stop. But when they got into more complex topics or discussed ideas for which they had no directly related imagery, they just popped in a Ken Burns-type pan of the killers portrait. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the visuals don't have to completely dance to what is being said for every second. General imagery can work fine here and there as the viewer will subconsciously relate your general imagery to what is being said. So in this case using graphical representations of different classes of players or a cutaway of a gamer's brain working something out might do the trick.
  10. I'm making a trailer where the text is initially out of focus and then comes into focus. All the while a lens flare is moving across the screen. I was wondering: in real life with a real camera, if the subject is out of focus, would any lens flares also be out of focus? Lens flares occur in the lens itself so I'm wondering if they would remain sharp even if the subject is blurry?
  11. Hey, I'm a newbie when it comes to Cloth in C4D. I have a plain dropping over some text. It falls down like cloth but when it lands, two corners of the plane intersect each other briefly. Is there a way to make a Cloth object be aware of itself so that this doesn't happen?
  12. Thank you! I had no idea about the need for the frame blending switch. The CC manual doesn't mention that. Though I'll likely opt to get Reel Smart MB it's nice to know why CC FMB wasn't working. I also knew about the blur built into C4D, and that was what I wound up using, but it took all night... and all morning to render.
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