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  1. "if you're not paying for something, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold" http://lifehacker.com/5697167/if-youre-not-paying-for-it-youre-the-product a nice thought regarding the missing "owns all your content" bar ...
  2. ... and I thought I would be the only one turning off the function keys and the wheel. Anyone wants to share how to make use of them?
  3. Yes context is king! As I also learned at onedotzero: films that deeply touched me in the cinema context were plainly unwatchable back at home in front of the computer and got the fast forward treatment after a few seconds. And so as this is the place where most videos are watched today it supports your argument that it is more important than ever to grip the audience with an entertaining approach. I think indie entertainment is not necessarily cryptic or only for hipsters. I think its more about connecting with the cultural background of the target audience. If you take humor for example. There are a few jokes most people can laugh about but most humor is strongly dependent on the cultural and social background and in the end also of the personal taste. You don't need to be a hipster to end up being the only one laughing about an inside joke, you just might happen to have read the right book, seen the referenced movie or come from the same part of the town. But if you design your product for such a closed market you have to live with it, that it is not for everyone. Personally I enjoy both kinds of entertainment I can watch the latest pixar movie with the whole family and also enjoy some "deep" arthouse stuff that doesn't care about telling a nice story. But there is also a lot of stuff I can't connect to on both sides of the medal. And as you, I believe that it can be possible to do both at the same time and that it is brillant when it happens. But that doesn't mean that both have no right to exist on their own.
  4. You are absolutly right that now that more and more people have the technical possibilities to do music videos and commercials the craft of doing it gains importance. With craft I not only mean technical skills but also the skill of telling a story and entertaining the viewer. But I disagree when you say art should always entertain. A few years back when I was at a short film festival I watched a 20 minutes short film a guy filming his shadow and the shadow of his grandma in the garden and I was like wtf this guy is crazy and his movie sucks because it bored the sh*t out of me. Then a few years later I was at onedotzero in London watching some animated abstract shorts and I realized there is not so much of a difference but I could deeply enjoy what I see. Then I realized that I was wrong about the guy and his grandma ... I think art can be entertaining but it should never be its sole purpose. I also realized that most of my favorite music videos are no music videos at all they are artistic short films that have a deep connection with music. But they don't advertise the music act. One more thing about entertainment. When it comes to entertainment I can't help it but make a comparision with movies. There are movies that are built to entertain the maximal possible amount of viewers. Block Buster stuff that is designed to be efficient and get the best possible return value. And there are movies that are not for everyone which target a special interest groups. In my eyes both have their right to exist and both make perfectly sense in their own way. And also what we regard as entertaining is a highly personal thing. Most movies get different responses from different people. I mean yes there are products that are designed to please everyone but if you stick with the example of the movies: most movies made to be liked by everyone end up being so unpersonal and synthetic that nobody really cares at all. So here again I see a difference in quantity and quality of an audience.
  5. I think that the viewing experience changed dramaticly. Back in the days you had to watch whatever was on the tv channel. At best you could switch to another station or wait for a special interest show. Today you only watch stuff from your favorite bands, videomaker or recommended by your trusted inspiration blogs. As you said you have a billion of other choices and you choose what appeals to you. And not every viewer has the same taste in music or in visuals so even if you are a very special band doing strange music that only few people can enjoy you will still find your audience that cares about what you are doing. So now you can rate an audience not only quantity but also quality. And one more thought about aesthetics. In the highdays of music video I guess the briefings for most videos was "band performing in ...". Music videos without featuring the musicians were highly unusual. Which makes perfect sense in a commercial way. Today its no big thing to have a music video without any visual reference to the musician at all. Maybe we also have to distinguish between major acts and independant musicians. Both do music videos but with different intentions.
  6. Yes, I edited it because it did not fit on second thought. I agree that in the definition you offer my work is not a music video. It is a music video in a formal sense. It has music it has video and the two are connected somehow and build something together. Or as you put it: that is all its supposed to be! So much for my work. Here are my thoughts about what a music video is today, or my hat in the ring of the artistic conversation ... Once there was a whole industry producing commercials to get people to buy music. They had their own companies using specialized tools and even had their own tv channels. Because the record industry was selling music like crazy they made sh*tloads of money. And so did the people who made the music videosBut then some things changed the world of music videos. First thing is that the music industry got caught on the wrong foot by the internet and before they could adapt to the new distribution possibilities they lost so much money that all the industries dependent on the music industry had to suffer too. So the money that could be made off music videos declined and concentrated massively. Second thing was that the specialized tools used to produce music videos became consumer market products. The availability of once highly professional tools going hand in hand with dramaticly improving usability of these tools let the number of possible producers of music videos go through the roof. And last the steadily growing speed of internet connections and the success of dedicated communities gave all of these possible producers the chance to share their work with likeminded professional and hobbyist film makers. And so even the tv channels lost their value for the music video industry. (Do you guys in the states have actual music videos on mtv? here in europe its just one ridiculous show after the other ...) So I think the term music video can't be reduced to the commercials made to sell music anymore. Because if some hobbyist film maker shots a film with his dslr edits it in imovie to his favourite song he does the same thing he produces and arranges images in connection with a certain music to fit together as one. And the result can be horrible, great or whatever but it is a music video nevertheless. the border between professional and amateur are as unclear and unstable as ever before. Another point is that with the new ways of sharing videos with a massive audience the music video genre attracted more and more artists seeking attention. Who got the chance to produce artistic videos for none mainstream acts on a low budget or without any budget at all. I mean today every band has music videos no matter how small their audience is. They have some animation students do it or some artist who is into their music or a small studio that once wants to do something nice to attract new clients. well that is what i think about the music video genre. it gets a bit out of order at the end but i hope you understand what i mean ...
  7. I am thankful and open for criticism but that does not mean that I won't make up my own mind. I dont see whats wrong with that. Having a conversation about something doesn't necessarily have to end in everyone having the same opinion. Didn't know there is only one opinion acceptable around here ...
  8. Thanks for the nice words about my work! As I said before in a commercial sense I agree with you but I don't think that the same rules should apply for music videos.
  9. Test is not the word I would use to describe my work and I am not sure if general entertainment is necessarily the prime objective of a music video. I mean if you see a music video in a commercial sense as marketing instrument then I guess you are right ... but I don't see it that way.
  10. Interesting feedback, thanks for that! I can understand what you are saying, but for me it is the other way around. what I wanted to do is to explore one visual aspect that is very fascinating for me. I don't know how else to put it but in my eyes its the relation between the surface and the volume of something. the way they define each other and also the way they can set the viewer on the wrong track in his perception. So for me it is not about a journey, its about exploring a visual phenomenon.
  11. my latest music video “Fistful of Silence” for The Glitch Mob is online: Your comments and feedback is as always very much appreciated! For more info and full credits go to my website: http://markusfeder.c...ful-of-silence/ Cheers, Markus
  12. too much politics not enough shortcuts ... since most posteres are more worried about this posts right to exist than about sharing information it seems to me that shortcuts are not very popular these days. or people feel comfortable with their current knowledge and don't believe in further improvement ...
  13. you could also go for 'cmd alt b' ... and thanks for the Home/End hint ...
  14. In my opinion the point is neither to learn all the shortcuts by heart nor having a list with every single shortcut for the software. its about getting to know the shortcuts that you can really apply in your workflow to work more intuitive. for that reason i am more interested in finding out what other people use than to have an unfiltered list.
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