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  1. Hey Vozzz, just saw the post above from 'Yimbo', that's not us (Wipster), it looks like someone on our free account sharing his code to get more upload space. Sorry someone has spammed this place.
  2. If you are JUST starting out as a freelancer, this article by Kevin P McAuliffe covers the basics. Read it If you've already done a bit of work, this might be a little obvious...
  3. We recently chatted with some really well respected people in the video community to learn what it takes to make a showreel that cuts through the sh*t. We spoke to Justin Cone (motionographer.com), Adam Lisagor, Scott Simmons, Chris Savage (CEO of Wistia), Ned Wenlock (director of that music video called Apache), Gareth O'Brien (Buck.tv), Ryan Connolly, Michael Jones, Seth Worley, Peter Quin (sh*t showreels say), Kylee Wall, Michael Hanson, Paul Clements and Bryan Tosh. Read it here
  4. Something you guys MIGHT be interested in is an interview series we're doing with video producers (mograph artist and the like) from all over the world, learning about their creative process etc. The posts DO have a paragraph about how they use Wipster, so you may not like it, but it's easy to only read the bits you like! Here's the latest one about Axel Lavin, who runs Stir. They make some sexy work.
  5. Hmm it's true, you guys already know all of the stuff in there!
  6. http://wipster.io/blog/7-adobe-after-effects-tools-that-dont-suck
  7. We talk a lot about client communication in our #postchat interview from yesterday (Oct 2nd). Have a look on twitter.
  8. We've got a new video showing how simple it is to collaborate on video with your clients.
  9. What are the goals of the video? If you can get a tight brief from the client about who the audience is, and what the CTA (call the action) is, you'll have a much smoother time figuring out what will be a successful video. For example: If its an 'awareness video' you'll want to get people who are not aware of the company interested in learning more. If its a 'consideration video' the viewer will be aware of the company, but will want to know more in 'considering to buy'. You can show overview of the range of benefits of the company. If its a 'conversion video' the viewer is very interested in buying, but they need to know specific info about what they are buying. This is where you go deep on usability and features, you get very close to the product and benefits. Read more here: http://wipster.io/blog/mighty-video-sales-funnel
  10. If you're an in-house video producer, you'll be wanting to know how to track the ROI of your work. You'll be interested in how your work sits in the sales funnel so you can be more effective and know what it means when the CMO says 'advocacy' and how it relates to the video your making. Join the group and join the discussion.
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