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  1. What I've done, long time ago, is to do a time stretch on the camera until it fits into the 24fps comp. Hold command (to get small increments) and move the time stretch slider until the length of the cam and null layers fit into the 24 work area. I hope it works for you. But, for future projects, I'd recommend to work at 24 fps through the whole project. Both AE and C4d. Only convert to 23.976 at the end. I usually render the final to an image sequence, then bring that to AE and place it in a 23.976 comp, then render. hope this helps.
  2. Do you have optical flares? If so, you could use the textures that come with it. It should be in the plugins folder for AE. AE/Plug-ins/OpticalFlares/OpticalFlaresTextures hope it helps!
  3. There's one that comes pre-installed with AE. You should find it under File>Scripts>Scale Composition.
  4. Try using a fresnel shader and on the gradient ramp add the colors you want. Then, switch the gradient interpolation to none. You could use the fresnel shader on either the color or luminance channel. Whatever looks good to you.
  5. The main and tech passes (diffuse, raw gi, normals, uv etc ) stay as EXRs. RGB and luma mattes are rendered as PNG since we don't need them to be 32 bit. It definitely helps reduce the amount of work AE has to do to calculate EXRs. Same with nuke.
  6. The kind of workflow I suggest would be to render all the passes to single EXRs rather than multi channels. Then, build the passes into a multichannel EXR inside of nuke and start comping from there. It has worked for me. With multi channels EXRs from 3d applications, Nuke has to calculate every pass before it actually gets to the pass you need. Not sure about AE but I think it would be the same. When comping in AE, I also use single EXRs rather than multi channels. I build my render with all those single passes and once I get a beauty comp that looks good, I pre-render that and move it into another comp for FX,CC etc. It's a clean workflow than helps to manage the EXRs in a smart way. AE can slow down significantly if using EXRs are not used properly. All this while working in linear 32bit space.
  7. Amazing. Looking forward to this and how it develops in the years to come.
  8. How does Cineware handle GI renders and scenes with many objects and high poly counts? Hitting render from AE means that both c4d and ae will be rendering at the same time?
  9. This is great news. I also wonder if something like dynamic link will be added. Even better, it would be nice to be able to copy and paste cameras from c4d to ae and viceversa. Even nulls, solids, lights etc. Another nice feature could be to implement LWF across the board. So when rendering using LWF from C4d (multipass), AE is set up to correctly interpret the renders. (sRGB, linearize working space, etc)
  10. I'd like to try to get into a agency or studio to do broadcast work. But film is a very interesting field as well for me. Anything that involves motion, 3d and compositing...that's what i'm really into. I've been doing my research on the studios out there and I'm a very big fan of Troika, Syndrome, We are Royale, Big Machine.. to name a few. Eventually, as I gain more experience and knowledge i'd like to get to be an art director. As I mentioned in a previous reply...I'd like to get my foot in the door and work my way from there.
  11. Thanks so much guys! Yes, I hope LA treats me well. It's gonna be one heck of a ride. I graduated from school on late Dec '08 and been working professionally for only 2. I'm glad this reel is getting a good response.
  12. Hello, My name is Renzo Reyes and I'm a motion designer/ compositor based in South Florida relocating to LA on early March. I have just finished updating my 2011 reel and website. Please feel free to critique as needed. www.renzoreyes.com Thanks!
  13. Hello all! This is my graduate demo reel 2009. My Demo Reel focuses on Motion Graphics, 3d and Compositing. Software used: Adobe After Effects Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Cinema 4D 3ds Max Eyeon Fusion Demo Reel 09 - Renzo Reyes I'd love to hear some feedback!!!
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