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  1. ahahah you helped me a lot and thanks to your suggestions i could experiment with other techniques, so big up and many thanks to you King Yellow !
  2. thx dude ! But still isn't the greatest Any clue on how to control the object orientation with the spline wrap ? Cause whenever i animate the strength my object goes into crazy crazy between 0% and 100% strength. I can't manage to get it working properly cause either my object disappears at 0% strength (due to orientation problems i guess), nor it makes incomprehensible rotations when animating the strength from 0% to 100% Here's an example file, just play with the strength slider of the spline wrap deformer, you'll get what my problem is. http://we.tl/uOZOv1q80i any idea on how i could just animate from the static original position of my card to animating along the spline, and then get it in the final staight position ?
  3. interesting idea ! did you or will you try it ? i refined my f-curves as you suggested, and it's getting better, here's my file in case you wanna see : http://we.tl/W4iZrMb6wR
  4. well i tried, and i must say i found the begenning of a solution (using a bend deformer + a twist deformer) then animating the object manually, but either i suck at using this program, either i didn't understand something cause my outcome does the movement, it's just awful ahahah is there a way i could auto-orient my paper card along its trajectory ? is there a way to edit manually my point of the trajectory ? ( like you would edit bezier splines on your trajectory in after effects for instance) Here's my project file again (c4d r14) http://we.tl/tQMTNbwIQZ hope i'll find a cleaner solution, for now i'll keep trying, but if you guys have any suggestions, you're more than welcome ! Thank you
  5. then yes, he made some really good tuts on how to animate 2D character with after effects ! just look for Rocket Randy, you'll be amazed
  6. Dude ! You have to check his last series of tuts on how to animate 2,5d characters in 3d softwares, this is just AWESOME ! here's his last video
  7. yeah thanks again KingYellow ! i saw this tutorial a while back and i guess you're right, definitly worth a shot ! I'll try that tonight with different deformers and will upload my file here as well F-curves and tweaking hard times to come ahaha
  8. thank you KingYellow, i hadn't thought of that actually ! I guess you're right, sometimes simplicity is way better, i'll try that tonight and upload my file here Any chance you guys have other ideas ? i tried mograph with a spline effector, but didn't work as expected as well :/
  9. Definitly check out Daniel gies' work ! www.vimeo.com/danielgies he's a master at rigging in 2d in after effects, and his tutorials are awesome
  10. ahah oups Noob alert, i edited my post ! Thank you for telling me
  11. Hi Everybody ! Here's a link to an effect i've been trying to reproduice : None of attemps seemed to be working fine, i really hope you guys could enlighten me here's what i tried : I used a helix spline and a spline wrap deformer to deform my "sheet of paper/ card" along the spline. At the beginning i want the paper to be still, then to animated along the spline. I can't manage to get the paper card to animate properly, i'll always have weird angles or the paper card to disappear. here's my c4d r14 file http://we.tl/JOIo3Mecso I know this might not be the most clear explanation, pardon my english. Would you be aware of a better way to achieve this or a tutorial explaining that kind of animation ? Thank you in advance, wish you all a great day !
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