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  1. Hi peoples! This is a motion graphic experimental piece done in 2013. It was the winner in the American Photography International Motion Art Award (motion design category) held in New York, November 2013. enjoy
  2. Thanks for the comment, nice to hear. About the recommendation: Yes you are absolutely right is a rip, but the director had seen it and wanted something similar. Renascent is a big inspiration to all of us. Usually I don't like copying others work and I think I have a pretty unique style over all. I might cut it out the next time I make an update.
  3. silencer77

    haymaker fx

    I am the Co-Founder of haymaker fx in Gothenburg, Sweden. We have just opened the doors to our the new studio and site. We have over 10 years in the field and our portfolio is updated. Showreels are also up to date. Please check www.haymakerfx.com
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