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  1. Wow, Mr Campbell, hijack away! (not worthy!) and who knew this would spark this great discussion... Beckman, I should have stated the business, my apologies... it's good ole air grafx for a cable net, and one never knows what comes up, and it is also a 'spend it now' budget type of thing or forget it, so that why it's only a grand and a quick purchase at that, so the responses are MUCH appreciated, as the time for research ended yesterday. For those intersted: RSMB Foundry CameraTracker (sorry, still excited about it) Lenscare steadycampro and updated modo to 401 (what! that's not on list! yeah, couldn't resist, love modeling in that thing!) looks, colorista, and sir gorilla'z light kit were close- but I just don't cc much to justify the first two, and when I do Color Finesse really does me good- or even just tweaking color curves! (gasps all around). And the light kit would be awesome, maybe next go round. anyway, thanks to all!
  2. Man , you guys - who's better than you. This site is it. Anyway- I have like two days, and my head spinning like rsmb, which is one I will definitely get. btw, that video on the twixtor site is friggin hystrerical, still laughing! I want to film a drunk fight scene right now! (with timewarp instead ...)
  3. I totally agree, 100%, but it's not my money.
  4. So I am getting upgrades... CS5, Trapcode Suite, C4d12 Studio (w/ Mograph), FCP, Knoll Flare. Now I have to decide what extras to add on, what would be your absolute must have plug-ins or apps for around $1k total? Here's the list I have ready: Foundry CameraTracker (cannot wait for that one!) Reelsmart Motion Blur Boris Uprez (the entire BCC would take up the whole budget, but it would be nice) I dunno, any other ideas?
  5. Looks like there is still a debate out there on this, which is great. So basically market yourself as a specialist to those who you feel need what you do well (my case would be design, ae, hard surface modeling, occasional omelet), and as a generalist to those who need that, and pray you guess right! I cover a lot of bases where I am at, so I can hop around and still do good work, fast. I just wanted to know how prevalent web skills (flash especially) are needed out there in bcast as staffs shrink. Bcast design is what I am in now and have been for a while. I can do that- but ad dollars are drying up for the moment, (as is everything else!) & it's best to listen to the wind sometimes...so thanks for the responses! pix
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    So I think I am secure in a nyc cable network staff mograph job (my group is in contract for the next couple of yrs), work is very well liked, decent salary- not great, but enough that if they had to swing the axe it might land on me- they can hire per diem if they really need to-- and go without the rest of the time. That would hurt them, I am sure- but times are tough, and this is what I worry about... I have heavy AE skills, 3d too (some Maya and heavy c4d), psd, etc, the usual. I have just started getting into flash & as3, very little html (I like templates!), but I don't need this for my current job. So if I am thrown out there- what skills pay the bills in mograph land? Should I focus on editing (greditor doesn't really have the ring preditor does) or focus on web skills. Side note-I recently watched the nfl.com sunday night simulcast- Main bcast and 4 different angles, all with downstream graphics&audio from the truck, all realtime, & all flash 10 --beautious- and I am thinking- there is where we are going... btw- I hate coding ! But I will do what I have to do, right?
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