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  1. Hello. I've been using cinema4D since the last few years, and actually I'm extremely happy with almost everything it has. However, as most of you know, cinema4D is very weak for particles and simulations. I've been in love with Softimage ICE since I saw it, and I always wanted to learn XSI just because of that platform.. BUT, do you think it would be a good swap for me (from cinema4D to Softimage) ? I mostly use 3D for motiongrapgics, but I need simulations and particles as well. Thinking particles (in cinema4D) is not enough to me. I also would like to ask about simulations. Quite unexpectedly, when I search for any cloth tutorials for XSI, there is almost none ! That really seems weird, and makes me ask this question: -is XSI good for cloth simulations ? Or a secondary question -which platform is the best for cloth ? I'm hearing a lot about maya but.. what about max ? How would you order them from the bet to the worst ? And why ? Also one final thing. I've used max (way before I started using cinema4D) and I'm quite familiar with the interface, frankly, I hate it. BUT when it comes to texhnical solutions, I guess I can stand it if it can handle my needs.. So, the question about max is: is there any way to control objects (as well as particles) in max with a programmable interface ? (like ice or xpresso in cinema4D) Also, MOGRAPH.. I'm guessing there is no alternative for that in all those programs to create rich and easy moving elements in all those programs... I just cant imagine what I can do without it.. I will be happy if you can talk about possible solutions instead of keyframing everything manually ! Dynamism is what I need !
  2. yeah.. seems like the only solution..
  3. Ok, listen this: (After Effects) I was a bout to render a project for a client, but when I start a render it suddenly stops by itself after some frames. "some" is not an exact value, sometimes it stops on frame 21, sometimes on frame 700. Also, I get "out of memory" errors. Tried to play with the secret settings, didnt help. Any ideas about what can be done ?
  4. Ok. Here is a topic about getting faster render times in AE. I will start this topic with ym question: I'm working on a project right now with 50+ layers (around 20 adju─▒stment) and as you can guess that takes hell long to render. (3+ hours for a 30 sec. clip, HD) How can I get faster rendertimes without changing the "general outlook" of my movie ? And yes, I have a lot of motion blurs and frame blends.... Pain. Suggestions ? P.S. Also I heard about Gridiron Nucleo Pro, does it really help ? Or any better alternatives to what it does ?
  5. Ok. Here is the case. I have a zoom put scene. At the end, my client wants me too add 3d pictures to the zspace just before the logo. But the problem is: it looks cheap as you can guess. I searched for a more-stylish transition (or a way to show thse pictures) in a zoom out scene like this one.... totally out of ideas. Any comments / ideas ? P.S.: Gotta look serious.
  6. "You want to change the particle emitter from Point to Layer" >> the question I'm asking is about this line
  7. Particle layer ?? Which particle generator are you talking 'bout ? I tried with trapcode and couldn't find the option actully.
  8. Hi there. Here is another after effects question. I'm looking for a way to "give birth" to particles on a certain layer. I mean, I want to use a luminance matte (or an alpha matte) to create particles (particles will be created at white areas). I have trapcode2. And AECS4. Any ways to do this ? Thanks.
  9. Here is a fairly basic one: I'm trying to evaluate a noise over time in ae. But I do not wish to use keyframes, but expressions. I thought something like this: If I can write an expression that adds a certain amount to "cycle" in "evolution options" in noise, then I wont need to use keyframes. The problem is that; I do not know how to get the current "time" as a float value. What I mean is, when I do: effect("Fractal Noise")(27)+time it just adds 1 to "cycle recolutions" value,instantly. What I want is, (as you can guess) a smooth transition. How can I do this ? thanks.
  10. You can turn off the seen by refractions and seen by transparency checkboxes in c4d. That'll solve your problem. Then you'll only get reflections of your sky.
  11. THanks ! Lets see what more I can do with these informations ..
  12. Hi everyone. In my current project, I'm at a point that I'm doing the final touches. I want to add motion blur to a single element (which includes several pieces of glass) moving from camera to the screen. Scene is fairly a fast scene, so some pieces get visible very fast (like the problematic big chunk). The problem is, I'm using RSMB to give the blur and it sometimes behaves weird at certain points (when big pieces get shown) and do weird blurrings. Is there any way to change the effect so that it does the correct thing ? I tried to play with the "track frame", didnt solve anything. Thanks.
  13. How will I apply the displacement so that each glass layer will displace all the layers beneath?
  14. Yes, this is a solo one.. I know that I have to create the closest possible illusion instead of the work itself, but the problem is that: is it possible to fake the reftactions ? I mean: if there is a way to do something like this: 1. I get the glass piece renders 2. I composite them all in after effects so that it -refracts- whats behind. I can do something similar with the well known displacement effect (and use the glasses as the displacement map) but the problem is that I have like ~10 seperate glass layers (to create the illusion of -fly through-) and they just all refract whats behind, they do not refract each other. How can I solve this ? any ways ? Basically, I'm in need of a fake refraction method.
  15. The glass pieces renders take amasingly long. I'm working full HD, with ~1000 glass pieces. Reflections, refractions. A frame takes around 10 minutes. Is there any way to get faster render times or get some performance tweaks ? Also I had a difficult time to create the "shatter". If anyone got a solution for that; I may want to hear that as well.
  16. it seems that the scirpt does not read camera wiggles (wigglle AE script) any workouts ?
  17. Hmm.. Then how can I get the camera data from AE to C4D ?
  18. I'm doing a 3d-layers flythrough video in after effects. Basically, 3d flat layers placed on different depths. There is a window, and I want to add "glass pieces" to the air. there will be reflections and refractions. What is the simplest pipeline to add this 3d element to my video ? I thought exporting the camera from AE to C4D (if there are any ways around) and add the 3d elements there; then just render the glass pieces (with the finished BG so that it'll have reflections and refractions) then composite them to my video... But that way when it needs a change it will just need me to re-render anything and everything... Any other suggestions ?
  19. Hey guys. Some time ago I watched a nice tut of some frozen moment: It was like something like this: First the tutorial guy replaced the body of the actor with someone using a baseball bat then added some nice shatters than made a camera movement. The final was something like: Camera moving out and wee pass through shutters I forgot who was the tutorial guy, this reminds anything to anybody ?
  20. Here is a tricky one. I'm working on a project which I have to turn around 30 pictures to 3D fly-throughs, connected to each other. Most of them are "corridor"" pictures, so, "vanishing point" method works pretty good. However, the problem is: When I import these pictures as vanishing point files (vpe) from photoshop, their "sizes" become different than each other. I mean, I import 2 corridors, one of them is 8948567 depth and the other is 15000, but they're the exact same corridor in real life. I'm wondering how I can work with multiple imported files, because I'm having the difficulty to set their sizes manually. There have to be some ways around ? Other than that, one other question is: Can I create a 3D fog in after effects (without depth pass) What I want is mainly, fade out the layers that are far from camera into white, and fadein the ones that are close. I was using 3D all the time, didnt need anything like that till now. But well, who knows what can be needed Using AE cs4 by the way.
  21. Right now I dont have AE on this mac but well I'll try the cornet pin + vegas combination as soon a possible ! Also, yes, toComp is a new era for me, too !
  22. Good replies, still way too complicated for some simple results I'm after. I thought ther could be some kind of a "generate" plugin to create a triangle, so that we can simple connect the "points" to the trackers, and edit the outline strenght, etc. Also I had this issue about outlining, before, too. Just like the outlines of the shape layers, is it possible to add outline to any layer ? So that I can simply connect a square into 3 trackers (as mentioned), make it invisible, then give some kind of an outline to it so theat we se only the "lines" that are generated. far more simple than adding each "beam" one by one.
  23. Yes i did. It takes lng to add all the data one by one like that, and its even impossible to create triangles with that effect ? Correct me if Im wrong.
  24. Hi there. Many of us know the amasing OFFF main titles. http://www.vimeo.com/4673875 my question is that, how to achieve these animated "data lines" (with dots) and vectoral triangles in the shortest way possible ? I have an upcoming project where I need similar effects, and all I can do is to track and add lines one by one, I even could not be able to solve how to add triangles, etc. Here are some references, within that movie (as time) 00:33 (lines example) 00:53 (lines example) 02:06 (triangles example) 03:01 (triangles example) I tried to achieve similar results with after effects shapes, and trackers, but it is even impossible to connect the shape corner points to the tracking data. Thought there has to be some other way to create this trendy effect. Thanks !
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