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  1. Andy

    Hopper Video

    Awesome. Great input. I will think more about the intent... possibly add one of his quotes in the beginning and change the end tag back to the dates/location of the exhibit... Superficially I will tone down rays/vignette and add some more foreground elements to help w/ parallax Andy
  2. Really awesome reel man. Well done.
  3. Andy

    Hopper Video

    Hey man thanks so much for the crit. Really good point about the context and essentially "why" we are watching it. The animation started out as a promotional marketing video for the edward hopper exhibit that took place in dc this past year to make people interested in going. Problem was, towards the end of the video, one of the powers that were decided on simply posting a slideshow of the paintings themselves - essentially halting my video. Still wanted to post it though since I put the work in. I just threw in the inspired by at the end to cap it off replacing the original text which was the dates and location of the exhibit. Any creative ideas on how I can now imply the context towards the end? Also going to fix the vignette now. Helps so much to get fresh eyes on it to be more objective about it. Thanks again.
  4. Love it man. Very nicely shaded/animated and really dig the music/sfx. Going to make me check out C4D now... Andy
  5. Andy

    Planet Green ID's

    I watched the first one before on your site and liked it then. Yeah man, def. nice spots.
  6. Andy

    Hopper Video

    Hey guys thanks for the feedback! Good point about it being possibly too dark in places, I'll go and lighten it up a bit. Supaidaaman - basically just attached the camera to a 3d null and messed with the keyframe graph editor for a while with minimal background elements until I got the movements I wanted. Then went back and filled everything in. Wanted to create more of a dramatic ending, but i'll see if i can invest more time in it.. Andy
  7. Andy

    Hopper Video

    Hey all, I just finished an Edward Hopper inspired piece and wanted to share it with you guys. Going to post it to my site soon. Here's the link to the vid: http://achaynes.com/HopperVideo/hopper_video.html Thanks! Andy
  8. REALLY badass Mclaren spot man. sweet sound effects and everything. LOVED it.
  9. Hey guys thanks so much. I always feel my work needs to be much better, but its a process I suppose. Dave S./Dave G., really dig the work you're both doing. As you said, really good to see quality work in this area, I tend to have an assumption the good designers are usually in NY and LA so its really cool to know there's awesome people here too. Would be cool to get a chance to collaborate on something sometime.
  10. Haha yup you called it, been working in DC for the last 3.5 years. When I cut my reel together, I really wanted to take out anything that would make me seem too corporate as I'm trying to market myself for more commercial work, so thanks for the mention about the jet against the red/grid being a possible giveaway, I may see if i can swap that out for something less "government-y." Thanks for the feedback. Also hoping I can get a crit from Binky on my work.
  11. Hey guys, Posted my reel in here previously, and its still the same one for now - but I've finally fleshed out my website some and added some of my recent work. I'll be adding more work in the near future, but any feedback on the site/work thus far would be appreciated. http://www.achaynes.com Thanks everyone! Andy
  12. Solid work man. Liked the pixel theme you have throughout your site too.
  13. Thanks guys! Def. felt intimidated to post here with all the talent in this forum, but you guys have been really encouraging. The track is by Trentemoller - Take me into your skin. Binky, I've been reading your crits and respect your opinion (Really dig your style frames). Could I get your thoughts?
  14. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your piece. The second edit was definitely stronger and I thought the music fit well. Thought the transition sections from one local to the next were cool with the sliding and whatnot. I agree with Binky that I would try to cut some of the typing bits shorter or speed them up (iphone typing esp.). Not sure how i felt about the cuts when walking to the restaurant, felt alittle jarring personally. Really liked the driving part. Solid!
  15. Andy

    Gkaster demo reel

    Geez this reel was awesome... didn't know c4d could make images like that...
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