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  1. Despite all the great responses I've been given and even before to attempt anything else my macbookpro died ! I've dashed to the apple store and leave the little baby there where it will spend 10 long days to be fixed. Apparently something related to the videocard which will be fixed for free. VelocityVideo, I will keep defrag in mind. Think I will give it a go in the future. Thanx all
  2. Thanks to all you mates. I highly appreciate all the tips. I will definitely forget about disfragmentation.A fullon backup will probably do the trick. Cheers
  3. I remember reading something about it,but I also remember an article in which it'd say that for those who use to work with video, defragmentation might help the overall system performance as there are loads of invisible useless files that screw a bit the performance. Anyways, my technical knowledge is very superficial in that matter.
  4. So I've been working with a packed Macbook (15 gb free). It's been a while since I started hearing those internal processing sounds and the machine is now slightly slower. I'm considering to try a defragmentation program to improve its performance. Has anyone tried to use a defrag software for mac? Is it worthy ? Does it really helps ? Thanks a lot in advance.
  5. Ready guys ? http://www.flickr.com/photos/micreiros/
  6. - Arrows flying - Rapper singing - Ink drops - Growing trees - Pumping speakers mirrored on screen Why have them been used so many times? Any thoughts?
  7. Yep,it makes sense but it is not a rule. I had done jobs where the client budget was truly lower so I had to decrease a bit (I said "a bit" not "a lot") my rate as well. Then in next job I went back to the normal rate. Mind you, I don't think is a good thing to decrease you rate either, but there are cases when this might happen.
  8. Man, time machine is now my piece of mind. Don't even need to leave it on all the time, just when I think I've done loads of significant changes on jobs. I've read that you can even rebuild your recent desktop with all programs, settings and stuff in a different machine. Have never tried to check if it works though....
  9. If I manage to sleep 6 hrs all the way through it is more than what I need, however I use to wake up after 4 hrs, stay awake for a few minutes and then back to sleep. Shit !
  10. Man, that's wicked ! Texturewise one of the finest works in C4D I've seen around.
  11. Thank you guys for all the advices and suggestions. As I'm not a professional photographer I'm not planning to spend hips of money on it. The Cann EOS 500D is wicked however far more expensive from what I expect to spend. The Rebel stays as my 1st choice. I agree with you toerag, digital is still inferior quaity compared to negative film cameras, but I kind of like how pratical the digitals cams are, and how cheap they are for making experiments without having to worry about spend with film process. Thanks to all of you for sharing your opinions. Hope you have a great weekend !
  12. Hey you guys ! I'm considering to purchase a still digital camera. It would be great if it had a remote control to click and shoot so I could use it to produce stop motion stuff too. I've read some great reviews about Canon Rebel XT DSLR but I'm still confused. Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance <h3 class="r"> </h3>
  13. Unh..yes, it makes sense Bjorn. Mind you, I once had a problem with a backup dvd, however it wasn't so old. Maybe just a matter of bad luck sometimes. I guess this is one of the reasons I've got slightly paranoid so I'd make the backup of the backup itself.
  14. I use to backup my files on DVDs as a matter of math,so if this dvd by any change gets damaged in the future I will lose only 4.7 gb of files and not tons like if I had used a blueray disk. As a security measure I also put the same files on a external HD and keep them for a while.
  15. Nicely done! My only comment is that it could be enriched by mixing tons different font types as it would give more interpretation to each part (I think this kind of visual typography poetry allows you to do so).
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