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  1. Great thread! It's not AE related but I'll throw this one in the mix: The video synth. Based on the same idea as an audio synthesiser. Basically I run a video out via HDMI and then it goes through a convertor to SD, into the synth and then back into the computer via a Blackmagic Intensity Extreme (or straight into the TV). Makes for an excellent round trip... In the photo above the picture is being messed up by the audio of the video itself, fed through a guitar delay pedal as well as a tone generated by an audio synth. The possibilities are pretty endless. The one I'm using is called the 3trins - http://bleeplabs.com/store/3TrinsRGB1/
  2. Yikes, the S3 link had expired. Fixed now so download away....http://www.lindsayhorner.com/paper-pack/
  3. Hi all I've got another set of looping textures available, this time based around different paper types. Same as before there is a free HD version to download and use without restriction... check em out: http://www.lindsayhorner.com/paper-pack/ (If you missed it the other set of looping distressed/grunge textures is here: http://www.lindsayhorner.com/rough-enough/) Cheers Lindsay
  4. Indeed! I should have said SHR2. Agreed on the proprietary thing.
  5. I've recently been dealing with the same problems (too many TBs...) and opted for this: https://www.synology.com/en-us/products/DS412+ It handles my old work archives, time machine backups, assets etc. The archives are also automatically mirrored to Amazon Glacier for safe keeping. I wouldn't want to work off it though. I've got the two ethernet links bonded together but you still only get 120MB/s. Thats using the SHR setup which I think is basically just RAID 10. An you can do cool things like run bittorrent sync on it...
  6. Hey, really cool to hear that. Would love to see what you do with them! Cheers Lindsay
  7. Hey I've made up a pack of looping, handmade textures (paint, pencil, ink etc) which can be used to roughen-up motion graphics. They are free in HD and there is also a high-res/high-birate version for purchase in case you need that. Check them out over here: http://www.lindsayhorner.com/rough-enough Cheers Lindsay
  8. Bit late to this party but in case you didn't figure it out the term you want to google is 'data moshing'. I just finished making a video using a bit of it (and actually ended up turning the 'moshed' video into an animated gif and then back to video) - great fun once you figure it out. The best results come from edit between clips with varying amounts of motion and background detail.
  9. I think this could somehow be done but I can't think how... I'm exporting my camera from AFX to C4D (not the brightest idea but too late now) and the camera is parented to a 2D vibration/rotation null, with all camera moves done with the camera's position and rotation properties (because of the export to C4D) . The script I'm using (Paul Tursley one) won't let me export the camera AND the null it's parented to, so I can't get my camera vibration into C4D... Can anyone think of a way to get the effects of the vibration null into the position/rotation data of the camera????? Any suggestions would be awesome. EDIT: Just realised that if I converted the expressions on the null to keyframes I can ref that from an expression on position/rotation and then convert that to key frames... might work... Cheers Lindsay
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